Umpire Bruce Oxenford's performance thread


Test Debutant
Feb 28, 2009
I thought his umpiring was class. I could not remember hardly a blunder in both Test matches. He takes that extra second or 2 before making a decision on lbws but got them right nearly ever time.
A gem of a umpire, haven't seen him umpire much before so a much needed find for the ICC elite panel.
Both umpires were prettygood. Was very impressed with oxenford. Aussie as well, and did not pull up or report ajmal either.
Both umpires were prettygood. Was very impressed with oxenford. Aussie as well, and did not pull up or report ajmal either.

Report Ajmal for what? Ajmal has been tested and cleared by the ICC and has been playing for several years now, in case you didn't know Ajmal didn't make his debut during this series. As for him being an Aussie what the hell is that have to do with him reporting or not?
I think he umpired in Ind-WI series as well, I was impressed with him at that time as well. Now ICC need to give notice to Erasmus and give this umpire and Tony Hill more games.
Hats off to both Umpires

the quality of their decisions under severe pressure was amazing - hardly any overturned decisions

really refreshing to have confidence in the on feild umpires

their performance meant that the use of referral by both teams was pretty much negated
aleem dar-esque

he was just utterly fantastic, both of them were to be honest
A dismal series so far by Oxenford. Got the Vijay decision wrong in the 1st test, Binny's lbw yesterday, and now that Root decision. Has also got some leg byes/byes mixed up. Think age is catching up with him.
I still blame BCCi lunacy for the dismal umpiring, only pathetic board to oppose the DRS system.
And another howler.

To those in the BCCI - this is what happens when you shun technology.
Nass just took him to the cleaners for his incompetence. Doesn't belong in Test matches.
BCCI get DRS.. cant be complaining about umpiring guys, that,s why DRS in place if these umpires make a mistake
Is it a coincidence that most decisions went againist India and even with DRS most decision go againist the visiting team in ENgland?
Don't care about the DRS angle. But that Rahane decision was a shocker.
The umpire is grossly incompetent and his performance must be reviewed.
Even Taufel was mediocre towards the end and Dar gave some horror decisions. There is no good umpire today.
Root's was a shocker too. He's just a poor umpire at the moment, not a biased umpire.

Root's one was definitely not a shocker. It is very difficult to detect such thin inside edges. It is one of the most common umpiring mistakes that you would see.
Bruce Oxenford - Poor umpiring

Has been pathetic this test.
He has literally given every marginal decision in favour of South Africa, alongside the wrong one.
Some horrendous decisions from him and all against Pakistan.
However his track record has been good so will give him the benefit of doubt, no pun intended.
I've always felt his umpires calls decisions are against Pakistan, not just this game
He got two decisions wrong. The lbw off Hassan's bowling and then the Shafiq decision. All his decisions have been against Pakistan, easily overawed by the South African appeal on home turf!
He also made a fuss about a cancelled run by Shan Masood, it made no sense why he was making a fuss when all Shan did was send back his partner at the other end
Blast from the past umpiring. I hadn't realised these old fogeys were still around, certainly brought back a few memories.
Umpire Bruce Oxenford has decided to retire from international cricket after a fine career that saw him officiate around the world across all three formats of the game for over 15 years.

A regular member of the Emirates ICC Elite Panel of Umpires since 2012, Oxenford has officiated in 62 Test matches, the last of which was the final match of the Australia-India series in Brisbane.

Oxenford, who officially stands down in April, made his international debut at the Gabba in a T20I between Australia and South Africa in January 2006. He officiated at the last three ICC Men’s Cricket World Cups and the last three ICC Men’s T20 World Cups. He was also part of the officiating team at the ICC Women’s T20 World Cups in 2012 and 2014.

Before becoming an umpire, Oxenford represented Queensland in eight first-class matches as a leg-spin bowler and lower-order batsman.

The 60-year-old from Queensland will continue to oversee domestic fixtures despite his retirement from the international game.

Bruce Oxenford: “I look back with pride at my international career as an umpire. It is still hard to believe that I officiated in close to 200 international matches. Such a long career was not really something that I had hoped for before commencing on this journey.

“I would like to thank the International Cricket Council, Cricket Australia and all my colleagues in the ICC Elite and International panels for their support and encouragement over the years. I had a wonderful time as a match official and will miss the camaraderie that comes with being a part of such a professional group.

“I shall particularly miss seeing and interacting with the magnificent people who are part of the support structure of our game around the world.

“Most importantly, I want to thank my wife Jo, son James and daughter Kristen for all their love and support over the years. It would not have been possible for me to have such a long career without their sacrifices and for this I am eternally grateful.

“Whilst I will no longer stand in International matches, I look forward to continuing to serve the game that I love - officiating within Australia.”

Adrian Griffith, ICC Senior Manager – Umpires and Referees: “Bruce is an excellent umpire, and it has been a pleasure working with him over the years. He is a great team man and well respected by all his colleagues.

“I congratulate Bruce on behalf of everyone at the ICC for a fine international career and wish him all the success in his future pursuits. It is pleasing to hear he will continue to umpire domestically and share his tremendous experience with the next generation of Elite umpires.”
Cricket Australia congratulates Australian international umpire Bruce Oxenford following the announcement he will be retiring from international cricket in April.

Oxenford umpired in 62 Test matches and has been a member of the ICC Elite Panel of Umpires since 2012.

Oxenford took part in three ICC Men’s Cricket World Cups, three ICC Men’s T20 World Cups and two ICC Women’s T20 World Cups.

Drew Ginn, Cricket Australia’s Executive General Manager, High Performance, praised Oxenford’s contribution to Australian cricket, and umpiring.

“Bruce has been a wonderful servant to the game and his incredible record speaks for itself.”

“He represented Australia all over the world and at multiple World Cups.

“Bruce is not only one of the best umpires Australia has produced, he has also been a great asset to developing umpires and match officials, and for that we are all incredibly thankful.

“It is fitting that his last Test series took place in Australia, and his final Test match was in his home state of Queensland and at the same place he made his international umpiring debut at the Gabba back in 2006.

“We look forward to Bruce’s continued involvement in Australian cricket, and everyone at Cricket Australia congratulates him on a marvellous international umpiring career.”
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Great umpire remember him in that pak England series in uae amazing umpiring he did in that series he was very good afterwards as well up until just a year or so his umpiring has gone down dramatically so a good decision to retire aleem dar should follow as well anyways wish him best of luck for his future.