West Indies v Pakistan l 3rd ODI | Gros Islet | 19/7/13 l WI Innings

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"Pakistan can easily make 230 here. 7 wickets in hand." ---- That's what I thought but it took 52 runs partnership in last 26 balls to get there.

Well, Pakistan should be able to defend it with their bowling attack. WI is not really a good batting side so keep it tight and they will fold.
Yep both matches this series have been one sided. Was at Pak WI at Oval last month and it was a thriller but we lost. I want another thriller but this time we'll win hopefully as Pakistan always win/fight hard on Fridays. If we do lose then it'll be a thriller. Come on Pakistan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hafeez HAS to perform with the ball in this game, if he is to retain his spot in the side.
Pakistan may win with this batting performance against a side like WI due to their strong bowling, but if they bat like this top teams would devour them for lunch.
I'd say this match is 60% to 40% in favour of WI because of the pitch.
But if we can get a few early wickets! things might get a little more tighter.
It is right time Sohaib maqsood should replace Hafeez
Ahmad shahzad will do well give him more matches he is talented like rohit if not do well bring Babar azam

Nasir Jamshed
Babar azam/Shahzad
Sohaib Maqsood
haris sohail
U.Akmal WK/Bat
Shahid Afridi

Our bating line up
WI can only win this match with pinch hitting...Because they are also not good in rotating strike and with this outfield it will be hard to get boundaries...
Again Misbah the saviour after collapse. Very well supported by Harris and Umar, according to the plan.
bits and pieces :hafeez :afridi and over rated shahzad ,jamshed is hurting this team
The pitch might be a "batting pitch", but the outfield is atrocious. Should help Pakistan.

Gayle will fire today I feel.
Pakistan need to get danger man Gayle out. I am sure he will want to perform after the recent scores. Also, Charles, Bravos, and Pollard are capable of some very big hits. Cannot afford 30+ extras like last time.
Easy win for Pak, IMO.

They won't figure out our bowlers at all just like Game 1.
Easy win for Pak, IMO.

They won't figure out our bowlers at all just like Game 1.
Ground kafi chota ha "Advantage WI"

Slow outfeild "Advantage PAK"

So 60% Pak - 40% WI
Ground kafi chota ha "Advantage WI"

Slow outfeild "Advantage PAK"

So 60% Pak - 40% WI
look at umar akmal where he Talking the bowl
this Pitch has serious bounce
afridi reverting to type. where are the fanboys?
Charles Hack averaging almost 45 with the bat in 2013 and scored 2 hundreds this year ODI SR 90...
Junaid having Gayle in all sorts of trouble.
Oye lagi ne lagi ne balle noo lagi ne...Who was saying it lol
Gayle drives for a couple. Was in the air. Gayle yet to display his IPL prowess.
why wasnt Junaid Khan selected for the first 2 matches? Any reason Wahab and Asad were selected ahead of him?
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