What are the greatest Champions Trophy matches you've ever seen?

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Nov 3, 2012
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Now that the Champions Trophy seems to have concluded its existence and it seems unlikely that another edition of the tournament will feature in the ICC’s itinerary, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss posters’ favourite games of the now terminated tournament. So, what your favourite games to have been played throughout the tournament’s life-span (from any edition)?

Personally, my favourite game was either the Pakistan-India affair of the 2004 Champions Trophy or the Pakistan-West Indies game of the 2013 edition of the tournament. The reasons for my choices are below:

The Pakistan-India game of the 2004 Champions Trophy

With Sami and Rana Naved-ul-Hasan opening the bowling for Pakistan - and Sami striking in his very first over to dismiss Sourav Ganguly after a mere 1 on the scoreboard - the stage was set for a memorable Pakistan-India affair. With an evidently zealous and fervent crowd, supporting both teams, the Pakistani bowlers were able to apply a great amount of pressure onto the Indian batsmen, the Pakistani sections of the crowd cheering every ball bowled and increasing their resonance with the progression of a bowler’s run-up. The match ended impressively with a boisterous innings of 25 (12) from the flamboyant Shahid Afridi, an innings which although could have proved catastrophic was a pleasant – although short inning – to watch.

Extended highlights of the match are located below:


Pakistan Vs West Indies 2013

A magnificent ODI which occurred this year, during Pakistan’s disastrous performance at the Champions Trophy, the Pakistan's opening game of the tournament seemed - rather paradoxically (given, after reviewing the series in hindsight, the boring nature of the competition was displayed clearly) – to indicate the fact that the tournament would become a tantalising and encapsulating watch, something which didn’t materialise at all.

Not only did it offer an immense amount in terms of spectator experience, it increased my hopes of a competition which would cater significantly towards bowlers (because of the seaming conditions on offer) – adding to my disappointment that the tournament proved to be such a flop.

Extended highlights of the match are located below (as far as I’m aware, appropriate/useful highlights of the match aren’t available upon YouTube – which is the reason for my choice of highlights, along with the fact that they are lengthy rather than being vague and devoid of necessary detail).


These are my two preferences: which are yours?
Recently concludedCT was of high standard!!

Final between India and England was Epic!!
Recently concludedCT was of high standard!!

Final between India and England was Epic!!

I'm of the completely polar opinion; in my belief the Champions Trophy was of an extremely terrible standard and I'm most definitely not stating this because of Pakistan's miserable performance - my favourite game was actually the West Indies Vs Pakistan game of the competition.

In actual fact, I have to state that I think that was one of the worst matches of the Champions Trophy - the game was converted into a T20I and there was no real anticipation or excitement factor of the match for a neutral individual, England just choked in what seemed to be an extremely boring T20I game.
2000 champions trophy final was great match. Cairns came when NZ were 80 for 3 or something and then scored a great century to win the game chasing 270 odd.
If you mean live then id say eng v ind because i only purchased tickets for the final. Best match was pak v WI by a mile, wahabs incredible spell of fast bowling will forever live in my mind, we came ever so close....
Pak vs Aus 2009
Pak vs Ind 2004/2009
If you mean live then id say eng v ind because i only purchased tickets for the final. Best match was pak v WI by a mile, wahabs incredible spell of fast bowling will forever live in my mind, we came ever so close....

I meant any match in the Champions Trophy - whether it be a match you've seen upon YouTube or live at the ground itself.

I'll certainly testify that the Pakistan Vs West Indies match of the 2013 Champions Trophy was magnificent - predominantly because of the high-class bowling (by both teams - Kemar Roach, Wahab Riaz and Mohammed Irfan provided us with some truly magnificent fast bowling with some genuine pace and aggression), batting (primarily by Misbah-Ul-Haq and Nasir Jamshed - who were the only Pakistani batsmen to generate a score over 10) and a generally highly charged atmosphere (because of the close encounter the game proved to be and also because of the fanatical and lively Pakistani ground).

Unfortunately, Pakistan failed in all three games of that tournament and Wahab Riaz has regressed in his bowling since the truly memorable performance in that match but when I watch that game again (I even saw it today and finished watching it a few minutes ago), I am even afflicted with goosebumps and a rush of nostalgia and a cold shiver rushes down my spine (quite strange considering this usually happens when I watch games from the 1990's not those from a few months ago).
I agree supporter of pak legends i get an adrenaline rush watching wahabs spell it bought back childhood memories of shoaib akhtar running in from the boundary rope in his lime green top during the 1999 World cup. What a spell it was will be etched in my heart forever, really felt wahab had turned a corner. Pak v australia is another game i thoroughly enjoy'd cant remember what year but asif was making a comeback to the pak team and all were all doom and gloom in regards to his return to ODI cricket and he certainly lived up to that but in his second spell he produced a magic delivery which nipped back in sharply to dismiss clarke asif once again proved what a special bowler he was
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Ind pak 2009 had best atmosphere and best game in history even better than 1992 final imo
Ind-Pak 2009 had the makings of a classic but turned all too one-sided after Ajmal got Raina lbw hahah, huge inside edge. Dravid played a solid knock though, what a quality batsman.

Aus-Pak 2009 was an awesome game. Asif's ball to Cameron White.. oh man.
I think from the 2017 CT the following matches were good (no order):

NZ v Bangladesh - amazing fightback from Bangladesh
India v Sri Lanka - what a stunning chase by the Islanders
Pakistan vs Sri Lanka - without doubt the most nail biting game of the tournament

Pakistan vs England SF and Pakistan vs India in the final were both good games as a Pakistan fan but they were one-sided. But I'm sure for the neutral they probably were still good games as Pakistan were huge underdogs in both games.

Overall the 2017 CT was a great tournament, lack of nail biters but still some great cricket matches and great upsets, one of my favourite tournaments in recent times, obviously Pakistan being the champions of that tournament was amazing too :)
New Zealand vs Sri Lanka in the 2013 CT was an absolute scorcher.
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