What bat to get


Feb 23, 2013
i am 13 years old and i have continued to play hardball after many months.I was in good batting form but my form has declined badly:yk .My bat is ihsan ace and its not at all good .I am in Pakistan and my budget is no more than 5500 .Please suggest a good bat.
the plus 5000 is good but id say if u r in karachi and are here for more than a week than get one made for yourself with your specifications from UT or MD sport in kareemabad. And u cand get a good bat in 5500. if u get it made for yourself make sure they cut the wood infront of u because they have wood in their stores and they are sometimes even made there. this is becoze some times they take money for a bat of RS.5000 and make it for u from a willow of RS. 2000!