Worcestershire vs Derbyshire | 4/8/11 | Derby | Saeed Ajmal Playing!

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Apr 25, 2011
I surprised there isn't a match thread on this! idone is playing but theyre team is batting first :ajmal

I'm going to give links in my next post.
I was thinking about creating a thread on this but I knew you must have been around so I didn't need to :)
the match has been reduced to 36 overs coz of rain.
Actually I might give a few updates, Dot ball.

-Single to Cameron

-Single to Solanki

-Quick Single to Cameron

-Solanki gets a single

-No run


-Another single

-No run there, Another dot.

-2 runs


-That's its from me.
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Ajmal skied one and got caught after an ugly looking shot, he was in good form aswell!
What a catch by Saeed! Catch of the season. :ajmal
Ajmal strikes, short ball caught behind. A bit fortunate but he'll take it.
2nd wicket for Ajmal, Clare out for a duck. Expert death bowling.
LOL, what an over. 1 run and a wicket. ReqRR i over 9 now.
32 needed off 3 overs. Ajmal has two left.
3 for now, stumped off the doosra. Easy stuff for Ajmal against the lower order here.
And now a runout, game over. Just tailenders to bowl out now.
Saeed showing his class against some indifferent batting.

He's such a difficult man to hit around.
Bowled him, that's four for Saeed now. Quicker ball at 70mph, too fast and right through him.
Game over. Ajmal finishes with 4/24 from 7 overs.

Last wicket was a runout.
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