“Looks like these guys are eating 8 kilos of mutton everyday”: Wasim Akram

When you are fitter you last longer at the crease, can bowl faster, better concentration, better strength. An average player can become a consistent performer.

I have seen these Pakistani players become fat then go on crash diets and then wonder where their strength went and then go back to being fat :facepalm Can you believe an international athlete with access to youtube doesn't understand the basics of nutrition and strength training and how crash dieting is bad for you.

How does a 25 year old arrive at a world cup overweight? This is aimed at Imam. The biggest event in their careers. Unacceptable.
Also in terms of fitness, you have to remember that the players are a few years older than what they claim they are.
They don't even do the basic exercise, clearly.

Misbah famously had the push-up celebration, it was a clear pointer that's been neglected.

Indians are not physically superior, they're an awful lot more dedicated as set by Kohli.

They need to stop focusing on the mirror and being mentally dominated by dosing to Indians with fandom and developing some pride!
Nowadays, I think Shan Masood has good fitness in PCT. He looks very athletic.