1st odi - Zimbabwe A v Pakistan A [18/5/05]

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Amjid Javed

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Mar 3, 2004
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1st off 3 odis between side to be played today. lets hope some pakistan players give the selectors something to think about!
Hasan Raza needs to continue scoring to press his case and Najaf Shah needs to keep on taking wickets. Irshad doesnt seem to have done anything of note on the tour so far. I have never seen him bowl but looking at these performances and Bob's account of him, seems to me like the guy was all hype.
I just saw the scorecard on the pcb website and it says pak won by 6 wickets. Ashar Zaidi and Mansoor Amjad were the main wicket takers with 3 each and Zimb scored 250 odd. Pak got it easily with Misbah and Faisal Iqbal being the main contributors.

There was no Irshad or Najaf. Asif, Khalil and Tahir Khan were also playing.
Wow: Tremendous batting by Faisal Iqbal and Misbah...Irshad was not played...Instead left arm leg spinner Mohammad Khalil was played...
After some people looked at Mohammad Khalil's bowling in the 1st test match in India, they said it seems as if he is a left arm leg spinner rather than a medium fast bowler...He appeals just like Waseem Akram...
This guy Khalil on the forum is playing in Zim with Faisal...He informed him about what is going on here...
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