2012 CLT20 | Group B | Sydney Sixers v Yorkshire | Cape Town, Oct 16


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Jan 10, 2011
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Yorkshire won the toss and elected to bat

19/0 after 2 overs. Watson is still in the team. :13:
Despite not losing any wicket, Yorkshire is struggling to breakfree from the Sydney's pace battery. pitch appears to be two paced as well. Chasing under lights could be very difficult here.
Hazlewood strikes, Yorkshire's captain gone after struggling to score run a ball.
Yorkshire's innings is going nowhere. I think Sydney will have more than half of its foot in one of the Semi's spot after today's game. Expecting an easy win for them today.
FLT20 - A quality league. :23:

These are home like conditions for them,. don't even have the SC excuse. :msd #troll
@FC - TT missed a trick or two against this English side in qualifiers. Wanted TT over this team.
Sixers should chase this paltry target down within 14 overs and cement their place for Semis.
Very lucky breakthrough for Yorkshire. A rank long-hop of a delivery gets a wicket for sidebottom. Watto is gone.
lols 46/1 after 3.4 overs. They should easily win this inside 10 overs.

And the the Australian T20 team should be made around this team. Just add Warner, Hussey, Maxwell and a couple of more bowlers.
Embarrassing performance from the runner-up of the best t20 league in the world :facepalm:
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Sixers along with Auckland aces are my firm favts for the finals

although I want AA to get to semis, they rely heavily on AM. He had a great game against KKR, I dont think he would be able to sustain the same form till semis.

for me, its going to be two aussies and two sa teams in semis. delhi daredevil may sneak in, if they get lucky or if pieterson or russel play well.
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how about the performance of winner of the best t20 league of billion people?

How about the performance of winner of t20 league which no one talks about? :mahmood :vincent

As far as billion dollar league is concerned, they got pace demon balaji! Dont diss the balaji way!
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@Cards Fan -I do agree that they rely very heavily on Azhar, but rest of the senior players too have contributed wonderfully well for them so far (To name few - Vincent, Guptil, Mills). If they can get one more convincing win and I am pretty much sure that they will be in for semis.