2nd T20I| West Indies v Australia| Bridgetown| Mar 30, 2012

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Oct 13, 2010
Some phainta going on

west indies 99/2 in 9 overs

3 sixes of the previous over off pattison

exciting stuff
200 on the cards here even after Smith's dismissal.
After 3 wickets, the match has become too sloow, just 15 off last 4 over of which 5 were wdes. not many hitters left either, no russell so they;ll bbe lucky to post 180-190 which looked like 220 plus a while ago. 126/4 13 overs
Superb entertainment oustide the ground, great pictures
Thats FOUR, full toss and put away by Hyatt. 133-4
Wickets tumbling too quickly, and the fielder tumbles to latch on to that skier. Hyatt gone
Samuels in at 7 with 6 overs to go. Bit of work to be done here
Bravo doing the right thing here playing it along the ground.
Sameuls has a good t20 record, he must be there till the end and they must target doherty if hey want to get anywhere near 180-190
They are throwing it away here, Samuel gone
Samuels gone, they're dropping like nne pins now, typical implosion by west indies, theyre gonna lose the t-20 series like they lost the ODIs after having the upper hand
I also hope Sammy doesnt make a mess of his bowling rotation like he did in the last match with Narine etc, gave away 20-30 extra runs
They shouldn't have changed the batting order, trying to be over smart and it back fired

The criticsm from the last game was Pollard came into late, but here they have gone over the top with Pollard coming in at 3 and Sammy I think at 4.

I would of had Pollard at 4 and Sammy around 5 with Samuels at 3.
three over left, 30 from here will take them to 180 which might be about par
Bravos got to slap the white ball around a tad, he's being too nice to it.
WI can still win it if they get to 175 or so and get the two W's early. I was impressed by Mathurin the last match until Sammy over utilzed him
Pathetic by Bravo and WIndies, talk about self destruction
First ten overs a different game altogether
Narine has the look of a tailender who really does not want to be out there
Pretty pathetic performance by WI after a great start. Brainless cricket. When will these players ever learn.

Bravo has been nothing but pathetic all series. Atrocius batting by hime throughout the series. Calamity cricket at its best

After that start they should have got 185 minumum.

Aussies will win this with ease
Even the ODI series they should have won. They needed 1 off 3 balls and guess what they had a brain fart. Brainless at its best
Thats been the difference between the two teams during the whole series so far all the games have had one brilliant exceptional performance by the WI as opposed to AUS contributing as a whole team. WI have never looked like a team. Lets see if the bowlers can pull something off.
why is Marlon Samuels in the team. Such an experienced player and yet so rubbish
Most of the WI batsmen are mentally in disciplined. They need sort that out if they want to improve
Aussies are looking good for the world t20 ... good balanced side!
they'll be struggling in the spin department in srilanka though i think
Aussies are looking good for the world t20 ... good balanced side!
they'll be struggling in the spin department in srilanka though i think
Not really they are bowling poorly. Dishing up pies. WI should have made them pay
I really hope Pakistan get a series in the next month or so otherwise it looks a boring next 4 to 5 months. 3 months till the Euro cup too *le sigh
Only team looking Good in both bowling AND batting are SA, Eng and Pak and Australia to an extent, INd and Sri Lanka have no bowling attack to speak off and glimpses or brilliance from the other teams but no real consistency
Warner and Pollard having a confrontation without a ball being bowled
Fidel Edwards back, lads got a bit of pace.
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