A Question About Sohail Tanveer Bowling Action?

Zohaib Shah

First Class Captain
Mar 1, 2007
Hey Pakpassion brothers and sisters, I got a question about Tanveer's Bowling action here. I am not sure if this is the right section to ask so mods forgive me.

I have been watching Tanveer bowling with a unorthodox action. And I have been wondering how he can bowl with such a awkward action. I have faced a player in real life with a similar action. But I never understood why or how they developed that action. Is it cause of some sort of disability that I am not aware of? That they can't go back and develop a proper bowling action? Also could his awkward action be the reason why he doesn't bowl fast enough?

Someone please explain to me, I would be very greatful. Thank You for your time.
its one of the most easiest action in cricket. Just keep running down to the pitch and swing just swing your arm. But make sure that when you star to swing your arm your right foot should be forward
I also faced a guy named Tanvir with same bowling action in my childhood days. But dont know why they developed such action.