Afghan Cheetahs v Faisalabad Wolves | FBT20 | Karachi | 29/9/11


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Apr 16, 2006
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Second match on Day 5 of the Faysal Bank T20 sees the plucky Afghan Cheetahs facing the Wolves, a team that includes the backbone of the Pakistan international side, Misbah ul-Haq and Saeed Ajmal.

The Cheetahs gave the Rams a scare yesterday, and are more than capable of ending this match victorious.

Intriguing contest between two of the less fancied side in the tournament.
Finally Mohammad Talha! Hope he rips trough cheetahs!
some good shots but couldn't find the gap, tried to go over the fielders and got caught :hafeez
Lol, 3rd umpire lights are so confusing lol, btw that shd have been given not out
Boom Boom Salman! Playing some cracking shots!

And :out

Just saw the stats of Asad Ali. The lad's bowling average is under 25 in all formats! That's quite amazing! Is he really that good? He is 22 btw.
Another wicket gone.

Already enough runs for iDone to defend.
I think the target is too big for the Cheetah's, they batted very well yesterday, but today they gonna face quality bowlers, some of them maybe for the first time in their life
Who is this legendary commentator who's speaing so much English? He's amazing.
AC will struggle here. :fw probably have the best bowling attack this time around. They still have Ajmal to come and Talha is decent too.

Asad Ali looked quite slow in the first over he bowled.
Afghanistan looking amazing lol. Ajmal will need to turn it around for Misbah.