Afghan Cheetas v Multan Tigers | FBT20 | Karachi | 30/9/11

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Apr 16, 2006
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Day 6 begins with two teams search
ing for their first win in the tournament.

Tough one to call - Multan start slight favourites but Hamid Hassan will no doubt fancy picking up wickets against the Tigers' batsmen.

Good luck to both teams.
Why does Multan start as favourites? I think Cheetahs have played better cricket than them so I wont be surprised if they win this one, though I want Tigers to win.
Lols Naved Yasin destryoing the cheetas. 71/4 after 11 overs.
121/8 in 18 overs - I would say 130-135 is reachable.
Multan already one down. 2/1 after 1 over.

How many Mohammad Samis are there? Seems like every team has got one :sami
Man hamid hasan is rapid, excellent control as well , looks a class above all the other bowlers in domestic :wasim
yerp, the best batting talent in pakistan, no obevious weaknesses.

I see him more of a left handed umer akmal.
when I saw him in the last tournament he was batting very elegantly, I say shades of anwar but he reminded me more of :butt to be honest. Very strong in the cover region, but seems to be focussing more on slogging across the line in this match
Match over! Multan Tigers won by 4 wickets.
Naved Yasin MOTM for his 4 wickets.

Up next : do or die match between :rr and :fw
Thanks to IAJ for keeping the scoreboard ticking!
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