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Jun 1, 2001
-Your idol while growing up?
I didn’t have an idol while growing up. I think it is also against Islam to have any idols and when I look towards inspiration, I look towards God. However, if anyone ever forced me to pick someone I look “up to,” it would have to be my father because he is the one who exposed me to Islam more on a educational basis.

-Posters on your wall in your teens?
Never had any posters in my room or even pictures of myself for that matter. I pray in my room a lot, so I never felt the need for posters.

-Your top 5 favorite pp'ers?
feather because he speaks of great knowledge about the game . Fairplay, same as feather. Safehands too is a very enjoyable poster. So is Zaman Park since he has so much inside knowledge. ZM for his comedic but yet eloquently written posts about Afridi. What all these posters have in common is that they all post in a mature manner and will argue the point at hand and rarely get off topic with outrageous posts.

-Favorite MOD?
I love all the MODs equally, I could never have a favourite! However I am closest friends with Nauman since he brought me to PP.

-Amir - what brought you to PP ? And how do you feel about PP as a mouthpiece for Pak fans ? what about the quality of our posters ( general view)
I always knew about PP but I attended a general sports forum that Nauman use to run. Eventually that site went out of commission and Nauman came to me with a proposal to start up a site called PCN. We were rivals to PP and did fairly well for ourselves until both personal and running the site stresses got to us. During that time, a lot wrong things was said by both parties and luckily in the end…Saj bhai presented me with all his forgiveness and I started to post at PP.

I think PP is the best mouth piece for fans. It is a very mature site and there is none like it. What differs PP from other sites, is their professionalism. No made up interviews or news (hence why mods always ask for sources). No internet lingo that looks like a 4 year old wrote it. And than exclusive interviews and pictures. And in the process PP gains a wide range of members such as professional photographer to a university student! Also PP gets a lot of publicity for its professionalism.

Quality of the posters is the best I ever been on any site. I been to a lot of forums such as Cric365, BBC and what not and by far this takes the cake. The posters hold a high level of professionalism conveyed by the staff and they respect that. And in turn, just makes the atmosphere all that more welcoming and easy to understand! Talk about user friendly!

-Your most hated Cricketer - why?
Irfan Pathan. The guy over boasts and gets excited when he gets a wicket. Like I understand being happy, but there is a level of professionalism. You do not see Ponting running in your face every time he beats you, right? Trust me, nothing was more satisfying than watching Mitchell Johnson jump in his face when he got him out. That was pay back for 2 years earlier when Pathan was mocking Martyn.

-Five things that make you proud to be a Pakistani? Five things that dont? Five things that you would like to happen to improve Pakistan?
Five things I am proud of are:
-Our national cricket team – the positive role models they are.
-The fact that we were originally built upon Islam
-Hospitality, I believe we are one of the most hospitable people in the world (if you come to our house, IT IS necessary we offer you food!)
-The fact that our economy is booming and shut up all those kids in elementary school who use to think Pakistan as a backward country!
-We are one sexy race. Its true. I mean we are not too dark, but we are not too white either. People just love our tan and want it!

-The underlying foundation of society is corruption and back stabbing.
-Personal reputation is so big that parents are willing to sacrifice their child’s happiness
-We tend to be very emotional people, and tend to make hasty decisions.
-I cannot think of five things that I makes me not want to be Pakistani.

-What are the positives/negatives of living in Canada?
Education – great system here. Very hands on and you learn from experience.
Freedom – Like someone that is 15 can go out and make their own money and no need to rely on their parents till they are finally an adult.
Hospitality – People in Canada tend to be fairly peaceful and friendly.
Scenery – To me Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We have the Northern Lights, Niagara Falls and so many more natural scenery (and than man made ones like CN tower). Nothing beats Canada at its peak in autumn.

Education – University costs too much! (slightly contradictory, however when I was talking about education above, I was speaking their format of teaching).
Social Atmosphere – It can be a difficult one if you don’t drink. I have tones of friends but I get that feeling of alienation when they are all “trashed.” Also, just Islamicly it is not good to be around alcohol and I try avoiding those situations. Thankfully I met a lot of nice Pakistani friends here at university that are practicing Muslims.

-Who's the better actor Robert deNiro or Al Pacino? (or another)
DeNiro because he can just come from many different facets from comedy to a serious role.

-What is your favorite quote?
Don’t know who said this originally but I think I read it in a article that involved Mushy a couple years ago (on CricInfo), “If Allah takes you to it, Allah will bring you through it.”

-Do you believe that Pakistan can win the cricket world cup? And what changes would you like to see be made to the team?
Pakistan has a chance like every world cup. We always had a dynamic team, its only a matter of team unity coming together. And team unity has never been higher!

Changes I would like to see is bringing in Hasan Raza for some experience. He has showed he can handle pressure at the A team level and I think he is capable of doing so for internationals. Bring back Salman Butt. The man can play and I have lost a lot of confidence in Imran Farhat. Butt may be struggling, but he is young and can improve. The one thing that stands out about Butt than the other openers is that Butt has showed he is very mentally strong at such a young age with his two hundreds in Australia and against a vicious Kolkata crowd.

The team composition in England was perfect though. That team had so many options, just that at the end of the day I think our boys looked a bit ragged and tired. Bowling was fine, just batting failed because of the moving ball conditions. We won’t encounter that problem in West Indies.

-Do you think introducing central contracts to the Pakistan team was a good idea or has it lead to complacency from some of our players?
I think it is a good idea. You have to remember these guys too need to feed their family. And they are not like your regular Western sport stars where they can make one appearance and they will than own five mansions in downtown LA. I do not think it makes them complacent. For one, they are not always looking for money. I think that was one problem with match fixing. The incentive of match fixing was much better than the pay since our cricketers were paid so low. On top of that, this team seems very patriotic and religious. Anytime they put that Pakistan jersey on, you know they represent us as one nation and play to their best. Back in the 90s we had factions amongst factions playing for themselves. That was a team likely to get complacent, match-fix and all in all were under achievers for the talent they possessed.

-Evolution or Intelligent Design?
Not sure if I follow your question, however I will try to answer it to the best of my ability. I would say intelligent design because in Islam there is no theory of evolution ( I think).

-If matters were in your hand, how would you deal will the Inzi/Hair affair in an impartial manner?
I would fire Hair and than bring back capital punishment. Ok I am only kidding (I reckon) but I would do what Dickie Bird said, “Let common sense prevail.” That is what was missing that day. Inzi, should have walked off right away however he was correct in waiting to protest because he would have looked awfully foolish if one of his boys were caught on the tele and he was sitting in the dressing room protesting!

Hair should have came back out. Once again, it relates all the way to common sense. All efforts were made to get that game back on. Both presidents of the two respective boards were present and were trying their best to get the game back on. So did the Pakistani team, and the English team. However, it was Hair who was hesitant. I think umpires and the ICC have a lot of worse things slide (such as the Zimbabwe issue). No need to live life by the book, and had common sense been common that day…this whole saga wouldn’t have been a big as issue as media is making it out to be.

-Who would you want to be the head the PCB?
As much as sometimes disagree with Shahyar Khan’s spineless speeches, I think he is the best man for this job or someone to similar to him. I do not know much about behind the scenes work of who is who but I can tell you who I do not want the head of PCB. It should NOT be a former player. Former players tend to bring grudges, controversies and favouritism. Pakistan cricket does not need that right now and it will always happen with former players. Better if they get someone who can convey well in the official business language (English) and has no ties to any cricketers (ala Shaharyar Khan).

-Who would u like to see as the manager of Pak team
Once again, someone that is similar to Shaharyar Khan. Good grasp of English, and is not a former player. Like I said, PCB have mistreated so many former cricketers that they hold grudges and look out for their own personal ambitions before the team. I wouldn’t mind if we managed to get a non-Pakistani as a manager. Someone with a public relations or communications degree from post-secondary education.

-Who should be the chief selector
I want to say Rashid Latif but I would be contradicting myself. He brings controversy wherever he goes, however he brings in a lot of talent. Nonetheless, he too is considered of favouritism towards Karachi’ites. The surface problem is who to choose? But I say the root problem is that we need FULL TIME PAID selectors. You cannot look at the daily news paper and pick players.

We need a system like Australia where their selectors HAVE TO ATTEND one domestic match per week and if they fail to do so, they get terminated. You learn a lot by watching the player live. England would have never discovered the likes of Simon Jones, Harmison or Vaughan if they just looked at the paper.

But I am going on a non stoppable rant, but to answer your question I would reckon someone who played cricket (so at least they have a grasp of the game…this is the one exception I will make into allowing former players part of the organizational structure) but was not in the international team for long so they do not have too many connections or grudges.

-Why do you support Manchester Utd? How long have you supported them? Sir Alex – time for him to ‘move upstairs’? Did you like my thread on the 'Greatest English Club Side of All time'?
I supported Man U since 2001. When I begin to like a sports team in any sport, it is because I like the players. I am not too concerned about liking them for their success (for example, I like the Buffalo Sabres in hockey since I was 7 years old. When I began to like them, they were near dead last and now they are a competing team but yet to win a championship. But still love them). Back to Man U, I always enjoyed players like Rio, Giggs, Scholes, Howard, Nistel (when he was there) and especially Solsjekar! And no matter how much we lose, or win or even if we get relegated…I will still love them.

I believe it is time for Fergie to move upstairs. He has done a great job as manager, but time to add some new blood and explosiveness in the management department.

I did like your thread on “the greatest English club side of all time” because it was only another self-loathing Liverpool fan trying to reassure himself of the how the times were great since they have not won a premiership title since 90.

-How big of a part does emotion ACTUALLY play in your game? Break it down into batting, bowling, and fielding. Does it help you, distract you?
Emotion can either help me, or hurt me badly. I tend to lose my temper and in turn have poor temperament while batting. And in the process throw away my wicket.

Meanwhile, people claim it helps my bowling when I am mad. Since I am a pace bowler and I get that extra aggression needed. And fielding, well I think I field better when I am mad.

-Your best ever performance on a cricket field? Also your best innings to date?
My best performance ever would have to be this season. I took 4 for 19 in 5 overs and than I got 8 not out while batting. 8 not out is no big deal however it was in the pressure situation as I am a number ten to eleven batsmen and we had 14 runs to chase with 2 wickets in hand (the other runs in coming in 5 extras and one edge off the other batsmen).

-The biggest challenge you've had to face on a cricket field, whether it's a batsmen you've bowled to, or as a bowler faced, or as a team faced?
-I feel every time I step onto the field is the biggest challenge. I never was the most athletic kid, or naturally talented. I am what I like to describe a “grit” cricketer. Which means for wherever I am in my cricket career (which may not be that far) I worked at everything I got because my lack of natural talent. And because of this, I am lead to believe I have a lot to prove every time I play. Also my small physique does not help since people see me and do not think much of me. So a lot of pressure on me to perform and prove people wrong.

-Do you dislike Sachin Tendulkar more, or Brian Lara. Also why?
Brian Lara. Tendulkar is at least humble. Lara to me is just arrogant and selfish. A man who plays for personal records. You see in the media no one will ever bad mouth Sachin on a personal note. Because he is just too nice a guy. Lara on the other hand has had problems in the past with other team mates and plays for himself (ala 400 not out).

-The biggest junior star to come out of the high schools in the following years (2007 onwards, after we retired)?
Would have to be Afish. The kid can bowl and bat and do both really well. He has a lot of potential to go far.

-Have you ever carried out acts of vengeance after getting so mad at an individual
None that I can remember. I do not keep many grudges other than the odd one. But even that I do not do anything to the person. I still treat them with respect and stuff, I just do not associate myself with them outside of school/field/whatever.

-Have you stopped littering the streets of Centennial since starting when not even a freshman there?
I stopped littering all together. Though, I have this one piece of trash always following me around. Its kinda big like 5’8 to 5’9, weighs about 300 pounds and he resembles his favourite cricketer Balalji. You know who I am talking about?

-Peep(s) you Hate the most on PP?
Definitely the person who asked me this question since I do not who asked me this. I am kidding, I do not hate anyone on PP. Just trolls that come on the board and talk a lot of smack and have nothing constructive to add.

-Who would you make Captain, After INZI ?
Younis Khan. Showed he is a good strategist, can motivate the team while bowling and fielding and when in need of wickets. And finally he is beginning to show he can lead from the front in both forms of the game on any surface in the world. I typed that portion before the whole blow up situation however I still stick to my statement. I too and am frustrated the way PCB runs.

-Why cricket?
I feel it keeps me tied to my Pakistani culture closer. I think that is when I started to be more “Pakistani” when I started to play cricket. Before that, I was just another brown child lost in a white sea.

-What do you enjoy about batting? Or what particular aspects of it?
I enjoy when Tupac will bowl to me in my front drive for hours just to let me bat. That and sometimes he can’t get my wicket so it makes it all that more enjoyable.

-A win or a contest?
Two neutral teams, contest. Pakistan? Win. I do not care how ugly, or how big. A win is a win.

-Would you ever consider moving back to Pakistan?
Well seeing as I never lived in Pakistan, I can’t “move back.” I do not want to move to Pakistan. I enjoy Canada. Not too put down Pakistan but Canada is a great place to raise your kids as they can learn democratic values (which I am a firm believer in), they learn to respect all people of race and can obtain a great education from here. I am not saying you cannot learn those in Pakistan, I just think you can learn those characteristics better in Canada. Nonetheless, do not get me wrong…I still love to visit Pakistan on a occasional basis.

-Your most prized possession?
Family, though they are not my possession. I just do not know how I could live without my family. However if we are speaking materialistically than it would have to be my laptop. It pretty much contains my future and where my life is headed (my school work).

-Do you see a future for Muslims in the west?
What type of future? I already thinking Muslims are part of the west in many ways. Whether it is economically or politically. However if you are speaking of this whole terrorism issue than I believe in fifty years the whole media propaganda will die down and focus on something else. There will be a point where the media gets bored of just reporting about Muslims and will look for new stories to juice up and falsify.

-What provides the greater motivation for you, money or happiness?
Happiness. However my vision of perfect happiness is lazing around all day and doing nothing. You can’t do that in todays world. So I say a fine balance of money and happiness. You can still be happy, just make sure you have enough money to expense that adequate living.

-Your thoughts on the youth of today? Are they capable leaders of tomorrow? Should being cultured be an ambition of the youth?
Youth of today have gone down hill. Seems all life is about now is getting drunk or falling into a false sense of reality. And than vandalization seems like a popular and cool trend for kids nowadays. And than on top of that, they have to follow media trends, with 8 year olds dressing like Fiddy Cent and thinking they the top gun. When I was 8 I wore my home made sweaters!

Capable leaders of tomorrow? Yes. I know it can be considered contradictory of what I said above however I have met some real talented people my age. The use of technology has greatly help today’s youth progress. The amount of information available to us today is amazing compared to twenty years ago. You can go on the net and get tips on how to start a business or even make a bomb as sad as it sounds. I know some people who make as much money my age, than someone at the age of 40.

However, that does not mean the ones capable of being leaders will be in power. With today’s world we are only going to get more ignorant and incompetent leaders as we further approach Qayamat.

Being cultured is not a issue. But accepting other culture is a very important factor since in today’s globalized world you need to use all resources at your disposable. And in this day and age, I would say that is the whole world. So appreciating all cultures can benefit a lot in the end.

-What do you feel you learnt from PCN?
I made a lot of brash decisions and developed a nasty ego. What I learnt from that is I have to be more humble in my approach. When you are more humble, you do not do things that you regret.

-Do you feel the Canada does enough to accommodate Muslim people?
Yes. We have mosques here (especially in Muslim concrentrated areas, we have a vast array of them), and they respect our holidays. They allow many Muslim organizations to run here and do not mind freedom of speech (such as Islamic speeches inviting every one of all races and faith. They even allow people who believe in conspiracy theories express their opinion). They firmly believe in equality and I believe Muslims get that here in Canada.

-Does Tupac really like Sachin as much as I do?
No, he likes him more than you. If Tupac was fertile, he would carry Sachin’s children without a doubt.

-World War 3 - is it imminent?
Probaly. There are so many issues in the world that can set off World War 3. And with todays globalized world, many allies and factions are built/linked together that the days of “looking after one self” is over. If you hurt an ally, we will come for you seems to be today’s motto. Like I said, so many issues that can easily trigger a World War. However, if it were to happen, it would be somewhere in the middle east or possibly Asia.

-Any hobbies/ interests beside cricket?
Business. I enjoy reading about it (though I haven’t got so much an opportunity with all this university work). I have joined many business clubs at my university and participate in many of the activites.

I also like reading about history. Whether it is politically history or about entertainment or what not. Reading biographies is just so interesting to see certain peoples viewpoint. I hate taking courses about history just because I hate writing essays but I enjoy learning about it.

-How would you spend a million canadian dollars?
First calculate my taxes and realize how much I have to give away. Than just help the Guelph Mosque get some funds for a new mosque and than possibly just invest the rest into my family, portfolios and my own education.

-Define genius?
Someone who changed this world or a significant group of people through their ideas. I would say Einstein is a genius. And I would say Waqar Younis is genius. Both these men changed the way people view the world in their respective fields. Einstein with his theories and Waqar with his way of aggressive bowling.

-What’s your ambition in life?
Live the Canadian Muslim dream. Have a nice job, wife, children, house and so on. Just live a happy and successful life in accordance to my religion.

-Hows 'pooko' and how did you choose that name? (you know whom I am on about)
For those who do not know, “pooko” is my nephew. Though we give him a new nickname every now and than and now it is “Gundi’s” because he smells and does too much pooh. He is not doing so well right now, but inshallah he will get better in the near future.

My sister use to call him “Chooko” for whatever reason and I just happen to replace people’s names or nicks with one or two letters at the start and tend to call them that.

-Which are you proud to be more: Muslim or Pakistani and why? (choose one)
Muslim. Because I know the truth, and I do not live my life in doubt.

-Which do you prefer more: Canada or Pakistan and why?
Canada. I am proud of my Pakistani heritage, just that I think living conditions are better here in Canada.

-You were a moderator of PCN, but if you were given a chance to be part of the staff of pp would you be able to offer more than the current staff in any way. How and why?
I do not think I can offer anything more. These guys have done a great job and have upheld the professionalism of this site beautifully. By doing so, many respected people have attended this website and board.

-Explain your fascination with Tendulkar and reasoning behind accepting the fact he is 'great' but hasn't won anything meaningful...Also do you agree that he is selfish or not ?
Not sure what fascination you are speaking of, but I accept that he is great because his record speaks for itself. A man that has 25 000 runs in International Cricket must have done something right in his career to get that far and deserves his accolade. I do not think he is selfish because it is natural for all cricketers to slow down when approach 100. At the time same time, Tupac has provided stats to prove he has not slowed down. He is a man who does not play for personal records and always plays for his team. If the asking rate is 6, he will bat at 100 S/R. And if his team is in a spot of bother, he will tone it down too. If you do not think Lara is selfish, than no way Tendulkar is selfish either.

-Would you really live in Pakistan after your education or stay in Canada ?
Stay in Canada as the reasons are stated above.

-What uncapped player would you like to see on the Pakistani team?
You all know I am going to say Hasan Raza despite the fact that he is capped. However to answer your question it would have to be Najaf Shah. He has done well in domestic and adds a new dimension to our bowling. Since we lost Shabbir, we lost that “bounce” bowler. From what I know, Najaf looks like a big fellow and can be very resourceful in places such as South Africa and Australia. Not saying he will only be effective there, because he can add variety to our attack in places as sub con. Where you have Shoaib’s blistering pace, followed by Asif skiddy cutters and than Najaf’s bouncers.