Any one know is this a real CA plus 12000 cricket bat


May 9, 2012
i bought ca plus 12000 cricket bat on ebay for 190£ any one have any idea is this reall. here is some pic of bat



yeah mate, sorry to say, but its fake, original one has really big edges, and also this one's is quite straight as compared to the original one
I'm taking the bat to a CA dealer to get his idea on it. It looks good but after spending 190 on it I need to confirm its the real deal............
Who Cares as long as you are happy to play with the bat hoes the ping etc

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It looks real enough - but there should be more grains for a £190 bat.
I bought this bat on eby (ilikemrd) i am happy with this guy.he is very nice and helpful.
Thats an original buddy. Stickers are all correct, the profile seems to be fine. Willow is good, keep in mind CA Plus 12000 does not get the very best willow anymore. It goes to Plus 12000 TRD and Plus 15000. Stamping is very fine and edges are easily 37 as the stamp itself is about 35mm. So you got a good bat. Price may be slightly high but the bat is fine.
i know buddy now i am playing with this bat.bat is like a rock. you know many people are selling fake ca,mb bat thatsway i was confus,if someone can get orignal bat and he is slightly high. doesn't matter because end of the day you have orignal and grate bat. i am happy with this price or other option buy fake bat after 1 match or few months bat is finish thatswhy i am happy with this price now.
give little bitt more money and get orignal and good bat. no headache no tension.people dont think like that
Buddy its not original....the profile is too low for CA 12000 and specially the bat cover is not geniune. The original comes with purple lining as of the stickers on CA 12000 secondly there should be a ten digit code on the back side of the bat over the hologram sticker which can be checked for authentication on CA's website..
(Even the CA website states that beware of sellers on eBay selling CA products)
It definitely Looks Original.

The Profile looks fine and moreover, the sticker, grips are from the last years model.

The Authentication code sticker is not on the back. its on the front, near where 12000 is written. However, the new stickers, CA embedded on the Octopus grip, authentication code etc were recently introduced by CA and are not on earlier models.

The One on the pics is original.

Enjoy your new bat and start scoring dude..