Anyone been to Sialkot for equipment?


Jun 20, 2011
I was just wondering if anyone has had a chance to go to Sialkot to buy cricket equipment? I have heard that the prices there are very attarctive. For example, you can get a Malik Bubber Sher for around Rs. 6000.00. Please share your experiences and any contacts that you may have?
I went there in last April, I found the prices similar to store like Millat sport in lahore, no such big different for big brands.
Save ur money and buy from lahore, pindi etc.

If u know some one personly in CA IHSAN etc dont go to sailkot. I have been in all places and they best bat i had cost me 1500 rupees from a local city shop were i went to buy grip for my 15000 rupee bat. To bad that bat was stolen after3 match and 3 50s :(