Australia v India | 3rd Test | Perth | Jan 13-17, 2012

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Australia wins the toss and sends in India to bat!

Four fast bowlers for Australia!
Please win in this test match like we did last time in 2008...atleast series will become interesting...Its time for Big guns to step up
India playing 3 fast bowlers and a mistery bowler in Vinay Kumar. No one knows if he his a fast bowler or a spinner!
This will not be a draw for sure! There is a long crack in the pitch, which will open up later in the match.

I'd say Australian win 70% Indian 30%
Dhoni you were a captain i respected a lot but common it is not about retaining your friends and giving them N num of chances when there are others worthy
Pitch looks pretty mean, cracks, green etc. But we will see how it plays.

Dunno about India playing four quicks here, it neutralises our lack of spinner if the pitch flattens out.
India dropped Ashwin, the second highest scorer in the last two games for India.
How fast is Rhino bowling? I am at work and have to use substandard CricIndia to follow it.

They post every speed Malcolm Yadav bowls at though....

Duck for the FTB. I am so glad that Sehwag is repeatedly being exposed.
I just can't believe people compare this shitty batsman(sehwaq) to Sir Viv :facepalm:
I am watching it on Star Cricket. Will probably watch the first session at least.
Tony Greig continues to rip Indians, I wonder what they have done to him. This guys just sounds bitter.
FTB gone lololol

And glad to see Vinay Holding Coomar back :)))
FTB gone lololol

And glad to see Vinay Holding Coomar back :)))
Sehwag v Hilfenhaus in this series: 69 balls, 26 runs, 3 dismissals. Average 8.67, runs per over 2.26

From Twitter
I have to admit its a bit weird not seeing Johnson in the team. 4 fast bowlers at WACA and Mitch not in them.
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