Australia vs India | T20 WC - Semi Final 2 | Durban | 22/9/07

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Sep 27, 2006
Shastri - the pitch looks lot whiter unlike the last match which looked watered down.

Dhoni wins the toss and India will bat first

India: Yuvraj in for Karthik

Australia: Watson out because of hamstring and is going back home. Haddin in
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Looking forward to another exciting match. Doesn't matter who wins as there are pros and cons for each team and we will win either way :p
sehwag and co coming out to bat........... may the best team win..........
cramp already for Shewag. takes his pants off to adjust equipment. runner Rohit Sharma coming in
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Hesitant running again by Sehwag's runner, Rohit Sharma but a quick single taken anyway

9-0 after 2 overs
Sehwag getting more stapping around his thigh and really holding up proceedings which Aussie's are visibly not liking.

Lee to continue
harrybeg said:
Sehwag hurt himself r is it a plan ?

He looks like he has strained his groin/upper thigh area. Doesn't look "planned" or anything.

Good accurate bowling by Lee. Three dot balls so far

9-0 2.3
Another good quick single. There is a definite plan here agnst Sehwag to keep bowling it into his rib area
India really being choked out here by Aussies. They are not giving sehwag or gambhir any room.

Sehwag drives it hard through mid on but a great stop by mitchell johnson to reduce the shot to a single
Very aggressive. Durban pitch is much more suitable for OZ under lights. Lee is ultra aggressive.
Another single to sehwag played down into fine leg region.

Next ball, sharp single by gambhir after dabbing down the ball
purplehaze said:
65 in first 10 overs, 115 in next 10 would do the trick for India

doesn't look like a 180 pitch to me. A score around 160-170 is a very good one from what I see
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