Australia vs Kenya | Group A | WC' 11 | Bangalore | 13/03/11 |

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Feb 8, 2005
Nobody created a thread for this match. Poor Kenya. :(

Australia won the toss and elected to bat

38/1 after 8 overs

Watson gone.
Australians have almost gone unnoticed in this world cup. They have had the easiest time in Group A with SL game being washed ou. I'm not convinced if their batting is really clicking so far.
Kamande specializes in leg side wides.

5 wides again.
Ponting out. Looks like Aussies are already getting the 'work-out', Chappel was craving for!
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can kenyans hold the game from here ..after 2 quick wickets

as pitch is helping the spinners a lot
Kenyans well played .. its quite an achievement to have contained the OZ's so far and also out bowled some of them...

144/4 .. would anyone have imagined... lets see if they continue or the OZ's will fight back to cross 300

Is this the best Kenya have bowled all tourney?
Hussey looking dangerous Pakistan should some how tackle him get him bowled or lbw can't trust kamran
50 up for hussey ,good knock when his side was under pressure.
Hussey adds much needed strength to Aus batting line up.
Aussies looking perfect now with Hussey back yes he is definitely MR.CRICKET
Clarke playing a sensible innings wish hafeez does that against australia
This is not fair. Hussey shouldn't have been allowed to come back. :odoyo :(
Lara bingle awaits smith to come to the pitch and play his unorthodox shots
285/5 45.3

clarke on 85 and thrashing the minnows like anything !

might just get the 350 mark
Chappel admiring Clarke for deciding to score his 1st WC hundred against a major team, in a major match.

Never mind the fact that Clarke perhaps didn't miss out on the100s intentionally.
How big was that? May be the biggest of the tournament.!
I hope Kenya can show some sort of fight here
96m !!!

even the batsman himself was shocked :))

but tait got his revenge soon!
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