Best Bat for Cement Pitches?


Dec 12, 2010
I play league cricket in Jeddah on cement pitches where the ball skids off the surface faster and gets more bounce as compared to turf. Some experienced players advice to get light bats with thicker blades, is there any logic to it? If yes, which bats are recommended?
English bats are best suited for hard surfaces such as indoor pitches and cement pitches. Also try cheaper Pakistani bats bcoz they are pressed hard and will play better on such surfaces. Bats such as CA style, CA somo, CA gold, MB Supreme, MB strokemaster, AS grace and AS falcon will best suit such type of pitches.
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Contact UT sports and ask for their 42mm cement bats. The top range would cost you no more than 4400 rupees. I have personally used those bats on cement pitches and they are the best.
where is UT sports ? Do they have any website?

A friend of mine brought CA white gold from Pak but it got cracked.
UT Sports is based in Karachi.

No, they don't have a website.

Do you have someone coming from Karachi?