Best way to finish a day off cricket?


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Jul 24, 2012
This season i have been playing 1-3 games a week, and after each game, my legs feel tired and painful, soreness in my legs in general, rest of my body parts are fine. What do you think is the best way to rest my legs? and help reduce the soreness in my legs?
Wearing skins/compression might help.
And cold showers/Ice baths.
But the real problem is probably your fitness.
Mate,probably your fitness isn't upto the standard. Take extra time out and work with your coach after you are done with have a warm bath.
Legs ? Are you wearing the right footwear ? The game involves heavy running so there is a lot of stress on your legs , having played good amount of cricket I can safely say that the best investment as a cricketer you can make is shoes especially if you bowl
And never forget the old cool down at the end of the match with some simple stretches
1. fitness
2. lack of warm up or exercise before the game
3. eat banana before the game, and after the game
4. cooling down exercise after the game
5. a good sleep
Fitness obviously! But meanwhile a hot bath with Epsom salts will get rid of all those aches!