BlackCat Shadows Review

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Aug 12, 2009
I got the first BlackCat Shadow from a guy in UK and that one is with last years stickers.

I got a good deal on it and it was quite new when I bought it and it was fully knocked. After my first net with that Shadow I was impressed by the ping and was middling everything so then I used it in my upcoming games and the bat continued to surprise me more and more. After playing with it for a while I was noticing that I am middling quite easily with this Shadow. After my past experience with Gray Nicolls Powerbow 2009 shape I did not want to take a risk so I thought I would order another Shadow and again I ordered it through that same guy who I bought first bat from and he did all of the work and hassle for me [thanks to him for doing that]. I gave same specs to the 'middle guy' and I am sure he gave same specs to Charlie.

So I got the new Shadow and it does not feel exactly like the first one as the newer one is tad heavier in terms of pickup compared to the first one I got. But it is not that heavy which means I won't use it, I am still able to use it. I haven't properly used the new one really but had few throwdowns and it was pinging quite nicely but not as nice as the first one which I believe is because the new one is not fully knocked.

I don't have a mallet nor I really like knocking as it takes so much time so I will see how I can knock it otherwise will just use it in indoor nets against old ball and knock it that way.

In terms of weight old one feels like 2.7/8ish whereas new one feels a bit heavier like 2.10ish

However, the finishing on new one was quite better that the old one and the newer stickers look quite nice. I don't like the URL on the back as I prefer like old one [no-URL].

Please let me know if anyone has any questions

Enjoy the pictures!





Nice bat Yaar ... The blade doesn't look so thick, is it due to photos or ... ?
JazaakAllah Khair

The blade is not thick but boy it pings like amazing! It pings better than my thickest bats really
Yes, used them in games but only the old one. Haven't used the new ones in the game except fewq throwdowns but used old one in few games and it pings like crazy. Ball flies off the middle I was really surprised by the performance.
Very good finish would say as good as Newbery, however, Salix is in different class altogether really.
Dude, you spend thousands and thousands of pounds on bats but you can't spare £10 on a mallet?

Its a must have with any new bat, they last forever too, my one is 6 years old and the handle separated from the head 2 years ago, some liquid nails and she's good to go.
Its not about money when it comes to mallet. I had one but that broke from handle but I would still use it with broken handle but then that mallet disappeared all of sudden.

House mates are not really inclined in me buying a mallet so I just respect there views :)
Haha yaar Ammi aur Bhai ko mallet bilkul nahi passand woh lehtay hai har waqat main "tukh tukh" karta ho LOL