Bogus healer Mohammed Hayir duped man out of £70,000


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Jan 30, 2005
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This is how so called 'peers' con people.

In September last year, leaflets were delivered in Headington, Oxford, by a man called Mohammed Hayir who claimed to be able to help people affected by black magic and a wide range of personal problems.

One man called the number and, over the next two months, was defrauded out of £70,000. Hayir has not been found.

There have been many other cases of rogues claiming to have spiritual healing powers, clairvoyant insight and other unproven ‘skills’.

But some victims have such strong faith in them that they refuse to accept they have been exploited.

‘We would advise people to be very wary when dealing with people making clairvoyant, spiritual and healing claims,’ said Oxfordshire County Council trading standards manager Ian Marriott.
‘There are very few controls on who can claim to deliver these services, which makes it difficult to establish who is genuine. Because this is an area based on belief rather than facts, it is easy for people to be exploited.

‘Trading standards’ advice is always to be wary of anyone trying to sell you things. Most good traders do not have to hard-sell their products or services in this way.’
they also advertise in newspapers, they use names like pundit maharaj, peer saab,or syed. They claim to solve all your problems but in reality they just add to your problems by robbing you of your money. Please brothers and sisters do not call these ppul.
The real bogus healers in Britain are the Homeopaths.
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Only idiots would fall for this scam, but 70k ? WTH was he thinking off....
People who pay money are real fools.

There is nothing in them to believe them.