Boom Boom Online, Real or Fake?

Bullet Drive

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Oct 5, 2010
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This guy is selling a Boom Boom bat for £120 from the USA. I am from the UK.

He told me it is grade 1 and has 14 straight grains.

Does that mean that this is the Boom Boom 175 bat?

& why is it so cheap?

Is it real and whats your thoughts. I especially want Knightrider, Majid & CD to comment as they know a lot about bats.
Bhai, I saw that link and I would personally recommend you not to buy it as the seller looks dodgy to me.

Why does it look dodgy to me is because in location he has said he is in 'Sailkot, Birmingham' and as far my knowledge goes there is no such place as that.

Secondly the price is worrying factor. Even if you buy it from the factory directly in Sailkot you can't get a Grade 1 Boom Boom for 120 Pounds, it is just unrealistic to be honest.

These two are main factors so I would say avoid it and don't buy it.

If you want a piece like Knightrider's then just buy it from where he bought it. Email Armie Bhai at: and tell him Uzair has sent you from PakPassion and he will give you a good bat and hopefully better than Majid Bhai.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for that CD. I also thought that looked a bit suspicious as I am from Birmingham and I have never come across a place named Sailkot!
Also he spelt Shahid wrong.

This guy is such a bad fake seller, put a little effort in man. :)))