Bowling Machines


Tape Ball Regular
Feb 7, 2006
Was wondering how accurate the speeds on these things are and what International players have to say about that as they are the only ones who actually know who bowls at what speed.

70 Mph on the machine is pretty much a really fast bowler at club level.. any faster and your touching speeds which I have never had to face before and I've played my fair share of club cricket in England and now in Norway..
I would say bowling machine speeds are quite precise.

When I am out of cricket for 2/3 weeks and then when I bat against bowling machine 65 mph looks very fast as well!

I remember trying 99/100 mph for fun and the ball was hardly visible.

And we curse the batsman playing in the middle :facepalm:
lol @ CD
Well put. but then again, we're playing club cricket. if you are comfortable at 65 with the bowling maching, then trust me, 70 is more than playable outside. The ball is nowhere near as fast off the pitch outside.. even at the early 70s.