Broke My bat Need help


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Jun 6, 2012
Hey Guyz, i broke my bat last week and was wondering is there any way i can fix it or something. Btw, i m living in canada so there is no shop or anything where i can get it fixed so it has to be done by me. I bought a repair tape (fiber glass) but i dont think its gonna help it. Please help me i m really looking for some solution. Picture are below

This is SS Ranger 2011 edition.

Thanks for ur time


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wow after two days, no one even bother to reply back. so probably no solution time to buy a new bat
Glue it (PVA) then clamp it for 24 hrs. Then tape it with fibre glass tape.

don't take it to shop
ty for ur help tandaywala, one of my firiend advise me the same thing, he told me to buy a rock hockey tape, cover the toe with tape and then apply pvc glue on it and put it outside for 30 min under sunlight and do the same thing 2 or 3 times.