Buying a cricket bat from online stores


Dec 28, 2012
I will be buying a bat soon so i am just exploring my options and surprisingly i have ran into some decent deals on some local stores so what i want to know is will it better if i buy a cricket bat of the internet and keep in mind stores are situated in the same city where I live. Please do share ur opinion. Thank You
if stores are situated near you than go have a look there, pick up bats and see how they feel. I would recommend going to shops than buying online because you can get ugly bats shipped to you or planks.
Well see the stores are situated on the other side of the city and it is kind of hard for me to go there personally and choose a bat due to hectic schedule of mine but if i buy from those stores i tend to ask them certain questions about the product e.g size weight probably even pictures of the piece they will send to me. And it will be delivered by their own men and its cash on delivery so i will have a physical look at the cricket bat before i pay them
yes do ask for photos of the bat, if it's nice than order it online !