Ca 10000


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Jun 11, 2010
Hi all,

Well i always wanted to buy a pakistani bat!
i am getting good offer for CA 10000 for 140 punds with postage and here are the pictures. I have some questions regarding it.
is it genuine??
what do you guys think about the bat??
and is the price ok??

Thanks for your help guys


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This looks like a beast of a bat dude, it's definitely genuine. I would say for that price you can't go wrong.

What weight is it?
That is a toe guard cric_fan82.

Beast bat.
Looks top bat, though stickers are that of 2010. Tbh I think the toe of CA bats are poor, they dent easily. However they do go like a train off the middle.
what i meant by toe looking dodgy was that it looked dented!
or is it just me??
There is a very little dent Mark but I wouldn't worry about that Though ask the seller if the bat is brand new as it might not be. It will probably dent a bit more at the bottom anyway - just knock the bottom as much as you can and put a anti-scuff sheet on.
Yaar it is beast of a bat as Poison and others said!

As 90MPH Bhai said its older model

So definitely original
CA bat cover comes along the bat, it is like a sniper's carrying case :))

You walk out of airport with that cover in your hand people will think of terrorist attack :))