CA plus 8000 or CA huge edge


Apr 22, 2012
Hey guys, i want to buy a bat for my son. I was thinking of a ca plus 8000 or ca huge edge. You guys share your view that which bat is better because i have no experience with both of the bats. I think the huge edge is better. Share your views guys and recommend any other pakistani company bat around the same price range.
Definetly the 8000!!!!!!!

:dav:usman:sohail:manzoor:raza:waqar:khalil:hafeez:umarakmal Salam brother i would definetly definetly without a doubt recommend ca plus 8000. I tried the 8000 (SH) at a match and it was like a feather...It was beautifu. I could swing easily and the power was outrageous. Also the huge edge won't last as long so definetly the 8000
Your son -_- Nadir you lier.Yesterday at nets you were unmarried,but marriage and then a son so quickly?
Hahahaha. Funny post that.

Anyway, answer in short. Get none! If you are budget conscious get a malik mb bat or better still contact seller of BS bats on ebay. He can get u a decent bat without paying top money! His name is amjad