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May 31, 2009
I am desperately waiting to get my hands on the PC:Version, I have already made bookings for it even though it will be released on November 9th, 2010. I had to face disappointment when I learned that Final Fantasy XIV is already sold out before its release date (30th September). Well, COD Black Ops is set during the Cold War era, some locations include *Vietnam, Cuba, the Arctic, Laos and Russia.

Enemy includes:
* North Vietnamese Army
* Viet Cong
* Russian Forces

*Reznov - Returning from Call of Duty: World at War and a member of SOG.
*Treyarch will employ a motion capture technology similar to the one used in James Cameron's Avatar film, which captures the whole performance of the actor, as well as allowing accurate facial expressions.
*Call of Duty: Black Ops is the first game that Treyarch has ever devoted their entire staff to with no other games in development.
*Studio head Mark Lamia said there is a huge difference between the Vietcong soldiers who charge the player in a near-suicidal fashion and the Russians who are much more stealthy and will hide behind objects.
*The player will get to pilot a Hind helicopter and guide friendly troops from an SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft.

Some Screen shots:







The previous COD Version was Modern Warfare 2 which was criticized for being very short, I hope this one isn't. Anybody else waiting for this game?
Is it better then MW2, because i found that pretty rubbish
Supposed to be alot better then mw2. i just cant wait for the new zombie modes!!

Black Ops

Who will be getting this game,its been hyped but not as much as MW2. Im looking forward to it personally, anyone on this forum getting it?
I think its going to be awesome. It might well be as good as MW2. In fact I hope it is but not as short as MW2. I finished that one within 4 days. I am really looking fwd to blackops.
I play both Online and Single Player. However, for me Single Player is the main meal and tells me how good the game actually is. Online is like dessert,i play it once i've finished with the meal.

Btw what are your Online IDs?
100 threads on this already. will be getting it mostly for online and zombies. i will prob play offline whenever i find time.
yes definately will be getting it on Xbox360...looks like they have made a lot of changes which is good..wager matches look really interesting. Lots of customisations for clans to use.

if anyone is on xbox360 and add me: PRODAJEE
Hey everyone!
I am getting my copy of Black Ops today!

wont play a lot till the weekend though...

Who has got it?
Hahaha, I will be looking to take a Pirated Copy of Black ops from Internet
Yh connection been very bad not as good as the other code but hopefully will improve with better connection.
Just finished downloading Black-Ops..7.28 GB lol..installing it..let's see what's the hype about...

P.S: don't ask me where i got it from :)
Playing the campaign right now. Not bad. You can tell Treyarch have developed this one, hints of World At War but a lot lot better than that pile of tripe. AI is better. Havent tried Multiplayer yet, want to get through the campaign first. Not disappointed with it yet.
Havnt played online yet, only done some of the campaign and explored the zombie map abit.
Loving the online play so far. Sorted out some of the bugs from MW2. The customization is pretty neat, also like that you get your K/D ratio in game which is pretty neat.

Campaign is hella confusing.
First day (yesterday) wasn't great as it was not a smooth play, however, today it was a lot better.

Personally I really liked it and looks more realistic to me. Graphic's are great as well. Just getting used to maps and then I'll be set for it :)
Personally i think its an excellent game.

The campaign is brilliant (one of the best fps shooter campaigns) i have about 3 missions left. And much more better than mw2.

The online is solid and doesnt have the same annoying elements as mw2. Although i herd you cant quickscope. :(

Zombies is absolutley hillarious was playing with 4 of my mates yesterday online and we got to level 14 and there were soo many zombies.

I would say its the best COD game i've played.
lol, why is everybody going so crazy over Black Ops? Modern Warfare 1 (COD 4) is the best Call of Duty game ever. World at War is the worst. MW2 was alright, downloading Black Ops now.
Campaign mode was great, online's pretty fun. The one in the chamber game is intense! definitely a big improvement over MW2, very balanced so far.
started playing it last night on PS3. good so far.. have not noticed anything hugely different from MW2. Gary Oldman as Resnov is cool though.. his russian accent reminds me of his role as a russian spy who kidnaps the US president in airforce one. onlne is where its at anyway and i have not delved into that yet.
Since I got it I have only played it online (4 games only) and so far I liked it.

Graphics are really good along the maps, weapon etc

RX-D is cool :D
psn id; ASIAN_VIRUS_7 <- Add me guys, some of you lot might have my old account which is freezy-1995 you guys might as well delete that now :afridi
Add me psn is Goodfellas999 not liking it ATM because the connection sucks. Hopefully when the connection improves I will enjoy it more.
As i said i will get a pirated copy of Black ops and I did. Awesome Game with very good Graphics.

COD blacks ops was leaked before the Release anybody heard that
PC users have a bug in Mission 14(SPC), while you are roaming around in the govt office and when Hudson punches you in the face a video of Reznov is shown, while Hudson is pointing a gun to your face the game just freezes and nothing ever happens he just points the gun forever at your head. Anyone knows how to fix it?

Google has no solutions many people have faced the same problem some get through it but some don't, I have tried everything i.e reducing graphics to low, playing in windowed mode. This is pissin me off quite badly I don't know what to do :( .
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Just played it for the first time. Im not a pro so i played the zombie level. Its supposed to be easy but i still suck, i cant find the power button! Any1 know?

Im on ps3
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For those that have downloaded it from online, can u dl assassins creed as well? Can i get the site? :D
Zombies map 1, got to wave 30

the unlockable map 'five' got to 19 on there very confusing.

Online im hooked on sticks and stones.
Just look at this, now this is what I call gaming, the best first person shooter of 2010

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lol, this Medal of Honour game flopped so bad. Nice try but no.
lol, this Medal of Honour game flopped so bad. Nice try but no.

MOH was failed by critics, but you should ask the players about which one they liked more, MOH was involved in so much controversies due to that Taliban multi player option but COD has so many bugs in it and COD might have a superior multi player but MP is something secondary for me SP is the big deal and COD SP sucks big time because its more like a Hollywood film it doesn't even look like a military game. COD graphics are superior but MOH you have good weapon options and more realism.
hey guys i just got this game and im lovin it....however im a noob in it and i am getiing owned in every other i need some tips from the pros here...btw and xbox live gamer tag is greedofwrath and add me if you wanna play with me
Medal of Honor is a Military Operation. Call of Duty is a Hollywood movie.

Please make another thread about MOH, leave this one for COD junkies..

BTW, Finished Campaign and now focussed on getting to prestige online.
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hey guys i just got this game and im lovin it....however im a noob in it and i am getiing owned in every other i need some tips from the pros here...btw and xbox live gamer tag is greedofwrath and add me if you wanna play with me

Hey, you know that you can practice in "Combat Training" mode, right? That really helps.

If you wanna get decent kills, don't follow your teammates, go to an area where you think the enemy might be spawning. Be Careful, and if you get lucky you can attack a group of enemy from behind, in that case use a silenced weapon.
hey guys i just got this game and im lovin it....however im a noob in it and i am getiing owned in every other i need some tips from the pros here...btw and xbox live gamer tag is greedofwrath and add me if you wanna play with me

use the famas, that gun is beast :razzaq
Medal of Honor was really not that bad.

In fact my favorite are Battlefield Bad Company 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Medal of Honor.

Dragovich, Kurvchenko, Steiner.. THEY ALL MUST DIE!
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