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Jun 1, 2001
-Posters on your wall as a kid growing up?

Ayat-al-kursi, and a poster of a house with trees among the mountains with a red car in the driveway.

-Would you agree with me that title of this thread is very tacky?
It’s very Oxy-ish ; )

-Do you consider yourself as a Cinderella? If so, don't you find that slightly unislamic since we are meant to be modest people?

False modesty is never desirable. Read on to find out why I am Cinderella ; )

-I would ask a Taboo question. What’s your Age in YEARS?

-How have you found America in its tolerance of Muslims post 9/11? What are the differences you have noticed between pre and post 9/11 attitudes of the white man in America?

I live in a small town, so I did not face any personal problems. In fact, people came over to house with flowers and said they were with us if we faced any discrimination. On the whole in America, of course there was discrimination and threats etc. If nothing else, 9/11 has brought an increased awareness of Muslims and Islam.

-Why are you obsessed with spelling?

Regardless of the post’s content, if it contains numerous spelling errors, it comes across as stupid, and I have no patience with stupidity.
-What’s your take on the whole doping episode?

Fine them and give a 6 month ban. Teaching a lesson is important, but with the WC coming up, the strength of the Pakistani team is more important. I hope they get cleared.

How did you get into following cricket? Your first recollection of watching a cricket match?

I don’t remember being ‘introduced’ to cricket. It’s always been there. I have been formally following it since 98-ish.

-Do you follow the women's version of the game?
There’s a women’s version of cricket?

-What do you think about females playing cricket as it has started to get recognition around some countries?

I guess there is. They should forget about it.

-Chocolate. Discuss!!!

A psychoactive cocktail. There is nothing remotely comparable to opening a box of Ferrero Rocher. Chocolate befits all moods and occasions, and it’s good for you, physically as well as emotionally. I confess: I am a chocaholic.

-You are sworn in as the president of Pakistan; which five things would be on top of your agenda to deal with to make Pakistan a better place?

Elimination of bribery/corruption, poverty, education, internal peace, restructuring the market economy; I would make sure no Pakistani feels the need to leave the country because s/he thinks there’s a better deal elsewhere.

-Is art more of a hobby for you or would like to have the chance to pursue a career in this field?

It’s an essential part of me. I would never consider it as a career. I have sold my work before, and it made me realize that I can not put a price on it. My creations are entirely my own. There’s a different feeling in painting to sell and doing it for myself. And it’s my outlet, my little secret, my get-away from life, my expression of all impressions within me. I’ll be posting some of my latest, and significantly better, works soon inshaAllah.

-You come across on pakpassion as a positive person where do you get this positivism from?

It comes from having complete faith and trust in Allah SWT.

-The greatest advice you have ever been given?

Be yourself.

-How did you come across PakPassion?

A friend referred it.

-Why do you think there are so few girls on PP?

Not many girls are interested in cricket as a whole. They’ll catch a match or two, but to passionately care for it is beyond most of them. And you men don’t make us feel welcome anyway.

-You seem to be quiet an activist and a perfectionist…Were you influenced by anyone to be like this or it’s just naturally the way you are?

My parents played an important part in the academic aspect of my perfectionism by setting extremely high expectations. My expectations have always been higher than theirs though. Activism springs from within; I do not want to be another face in the crowd. My existence should be meaningful for the world.

-Over the decades Pakistan has been marred by the poor level of Education in the deprived areas of the country and this has been the crux of many social and economical problems; so what do should be done to solve this problem?

Poverty is the root problem.

-Have you ever been involved in playing cricket professionally, or as a hobby? If yes how would you describe yourself as a cricketer?

I played with cousins back when I was in Pakistan. I batted left-handed and was pretty good. It’s been a while now.

-Is there any other sport you follow or like apart from cricket?

I only follow Pakistan cricket team and my brothers’ football games. I played tennis in high school. Towards the end of semester, I lost a couple matches. That was the end of that.

Currently, I am in love with bowling and play for the university team. With a 157 average, I am undefeated

Other than that, it’s the occasional badminton, running, and ping pong.

-What’s the story behind cinderella? Do you think that in reality cinderella lives happily ever after?

Cinderella said, ‘ Dreams do come true’. I have few, but they’re very big. Yes, I do think so. Every experience doesn’t have to end well as long as it was meaningful. But my ‘all or nothing’ philosophy really prevents me from giving meaning to things that don’t end as I want them to end.

-3 strengths and 3 weaknesses (I know chocolate is one)
Strengths: faith, intelligence, strong work ethic.

Weaknesses: family, chocolate, cricket.

And my extreme competitiveness, emotional temperament, endless energy, and stubborn pride can be both. I usually turn my weaknesses into strengths.

-What is your shoe size? I seem to have found a glass slipper which I think could be yours (please don't tell the wife my whereabouts a few days ago!)

Bhabhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiii

-Your view on the youth of today?

I see a lot of potential but not enough motivation, too much independent thinking without guidance of elders, intelligence without wisdom, and a trend of laziness. As I am still a teenager, I do have hope for our generation.

-Have you ever beat up a guy?

Not since fourth grade. And my brothers don’t count.

-You moved from a gaon (village) in Pakistan to a gaon in the US... when did you move to the US? How did you react to the change? In the future would you want to live here or move back? Do you think you could move back?

Almost six years ago. It was difficult to adjust at first, a feeling of loneliness as I moved away from a huge family of uncles, aunts, and numerous cousins to just us. One of the biggest decisions in my life will be deciding whether to settle here or in Pakistan. I could definitely live there as I grew up there.

-Who is the best Mod? Do you think that there should be a female amongst those males as the PP mods? if so what do you feel about it or if you disagree, your thoughts on this.

They all do a fairly decent job. Oh forget diplomacy: Nauman.

Yes, definitely (re Female mod) Why don’t they have one? How sexist. PP’s popularity is increasing in the internet world; an all-male rule does not look well commercially. A female mod would diversify the mod team. I say try it.

-I remember you made significant contributions to a Merc's religious thread on PP " What school of thought do you belong to " - to what extent are you as a person religious?

I try. I’ve always practiced the compulsory acts i.e namaz, hijab etc. Though my knowledge base is pretty weak, I can fully defend my faith. Need to work on my religious life a bit more.

-Do you listen to rap?

Not a lot.

-What is your biggest ambition in life in terms of academics and career? Have you always wanted to be a doctor? If no, then what did you want to be before choosing to be a doctor?

I am currently doing a double B.Sc in biology and chemistry with a minor in math with the intention of going to med school inshaAllah. Currently, the ambition is to be finished with that in one more year. Career-wise, it is to be a renowned surgeon by the time I turn 30 years of age. I’ve wanted to be a doctor as far back as I can remember and had a toy stethoscope and blood pressure monitor too.

-If you could change one thing in the world and you had all powers to do it what will it be?

Make every Muslim a Muslim in the true sense. Utopia would be reached. You did say if I had all the power ; )

-What is one thing that you would like the Muslim Ummah to accomplish as soon as possible?


-Do you believe that its necessary to reveal your gender on PP? Do you think you would be treated differently, if you hadn’t?

It’s not necessary, but most posters would assume a non-gender specific nickname to be male. Of course, that’s a given. Gender awareness exists without gender discrimination.

-Why do you want to be perfect in everything?

Partially my competitiveness, partially my ego, partially my desire to be above and beyond the rest of puny little mortal beings, and the rest my hatred of the ordinary and average.

-One thing you hate explaining to people about yourself?

Why I want to be perfect ; )

-Who is your best friend?

If best friend means the one I talk to the most, trust the most, share everything with, complain to, celebrate with, whine to, cry in front of, or just sit quietly and trust Him to take care of everything, it would be Allah SWT. We have a great relationship. At least, I think we do.

As far as members of your species go, I am best-friendless at the moment. I had one; I am not sure what happened, but I miss the relationship.

-What are your annoyances?

People who don’t give up their seats for the elderly or pregnant, wet socks, liars, people who make me promises without intending to keep them, waterproof mascara, injustice, cheese that can be sprayed from a can, promiscuity among Muslim men, indecency among Muslim females, nose pickers, druggies, Pakistanis who try to be ‘white’, wastage of potential, disrespect, idiocy, 99% on exams, paper cuts, and okra.

-Do you always win? How important is that to you, winning that is?

It’s a habit now; I don’t worry if I’ll win or not, I worry whether or not I’ll win in style.

-Natural beauty or self modification?

I am too vain to wear make-up. Natural beauty except special occasions where natural beauty can be enhanced a bit ;)

-Don't you worry that at some point, leaving studying/assignments/projects until the last minute, or almost until the last minute, will eventually cause more harm than good? Why does this strategy seem to work for you when it has been less successful for almost everyone else?

Anyone can work on a presentation over weeks or study for a test and make a good grade. Tell me how many people can prepare a presentation the day it’s due and win first place at the research conference or study for a test only the night before and score 100%? It’s the challenge that gives me the thrill; I thrive under pressure.

I hope you enjoyed reading the questions as much as I enjoyed answering them.