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May 31, 2010
Our league shifted to colored kits and white balls last year. What do you guys reckon is the best option to buy top end colored pads? Thanks
It is nearly impossible to buy factory coloured pads of English brands because they only make them for there sponsored players, they don't make them for selling purposes etc.

One option is spray painting the pads but that will ruin your pads and second is to buy padskins.

If you don't mind Asian brand pads then you can get coloured pads from the factory directly.
I did not like AS V10 pads I bought last year. The problem with English brands is that they outsource their pads and gloves. I am not sure whether there is a way to buy from the Indian manufacturers. The only option I have right now is from Malik or CA (your review tilts me towards Malik) but I want to see if I have any other options.

I don't think Boom Boom softs are being made at Ihsan this year. Maybe they have different models for different markets.
Actually Pakistani gloves are really catching up with England brands. I'm not saying this because I have them but MB gloves are very good and many English people are saying they are very good (James, Mike etc)

The problem I have with Asian pads is that they are bulky from knee area, even with knee roll some Asian pads eg SS Matrixx they don't wrap well. This is what I have seen and noticed.

No, this years Boom Boom softs are not made by Ihsan nor I think they are made by Pakistani brand. I'll try my best to find out who makes them.

These new CA Plus pads which Misbah wears looks good and seem to be wrapping well along the legs so I'm not too sure about that. One PPer have them so we can ask him.

Is there anything particular which you don't like about AS V10 pads?
AS pads are too bulky. Sometimes the bat gets stuck between and it is not easy to run in them. Protection wise they are very good.

Which Indian pads would you consider the best? In Pakistani has to be between Malik and CA.
My friend bought SS Matrixx and he complained they were bulky and didn't feel well so they were the best Indian pads in my opinion which I rated very high. But after this instance I have second thoughts...

The CA 12000 Plus I have are very bulky for me but they fit perfectly fine to my brother.

Why don't you buy English pads and buy skins to make them coloured? The fitting on English pads is the best (of course) and in my opinion it is better than Pakistani and Indian pads.
I have white English pads but I don't like padskins. It is a personal opinion but I like the look of regular pads.

I have an option of buying colored pads from England through someone from other forum but the postage they quote is around 40 pounds.
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Do you mind telling which English pads are they ? Eg brand ?

Fair enough, everyone has there own opinion. I really don't like them either but if I'm between colouring and padskins then I'd go for padskins any day!

Are they Lekka pads?
The colored ones are top end Puma.

The white ones were Woodstock. (I bought bat, pads and gloves from them). They are traditional so are not ultralight but are very comfortable.
Are those Puma pads like McCullums? If you don't mind telling me how much are you getting them for?

Shipping from UK is cheaper than 40 pounds, cricketer13 bhai got his for something around 25 pounds.

You are due to post pictures of your kit :D:D

By the way, did you receive Mike's bat?
CD is right - it is next to impossible to get coloured pads from main manufacturers - I am not sure if you can custom order them directly through the manufacturer.

There are places in Pakistan that will colour the pads for you without spray painting them. I know of one supplier here in Toronto that sells coloured pads (not any name brand) as he has a supplier in Pakistan who does it for him.
Replied Opener Bhai :)

xkalibur80 bhai, I'm sure you can get coloured pads from AS factory, a PPer got them so I'm banking on his experience.

Companies like Kookaburra, GN, GM etc won't even take orders...
My V10 were green colored. I was told by a source that it is possible to get colored MB pads as well.
As I said from Pakistan it is possible to get coloured pads directly from the factory but from Kookaburra, GN, GM etc it is nearly impossible to get coloured pads unless you're a sponsored player.

Those Puma pads are good and you should negotiate with him because they are old design now so he should lower the price for you.
I am looking at another source as well. Will let u know if it pans out. But anybody has experience on cheapest postage of pads from England.