Cricket Bat Grips


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Dec 4, 2010
At the moment I have a puma grip on my bat (puma) what do you think of the grips because there are 2 patterns is the bottom hand supposed to go on the ring and the top hand on the hexagons so what do you think of the puma grips?

What grips do you guys have on you bats?
How many do you use?
and what is the benefit of having more than one grip?
Good thread :)

Which year Puma grips? This year? or 2010?

I have following grips on my bats;

Puma Iridium 2011
GM Control
GM Shock Absorba

As far number is concerned for me it is thicnkess of handle, if handle is thick then one is enough while on some bats handles are slightly on thinner side so I like a bit thicker handles so I double grip them.

On few of my bats I have thin or control grip as first grip and then Shock Absorba as second because I like have thin handle on top while slightly thicker bottom.

With double grip I find balance to improve significantly.
I prefer handles on the thin side, so just the one grip for me, else my fingers tend to feel strained.
I find design of gloves to make my fingers strained, I remember using GM LE once and when I took my hands out of the gloves they were vibrating and I was feeling like cramps :))
the 2010 puma grips i put a basic diamond style grip underneathe the puma one and it made the pick-up amazing.
What style grips do you guys like i normally perfer octapus/scale grips but they aren't great for gloves. It depends howmany grips i have on my bat it more what i feel like (when i go to india i buy grips on 20rs ea!)
Do you use half grip tactic?

I personally prefer GM Control grip, it find very good grip with it and I believe it doesn't damage the gloves either ?
Gunn & Moore's Control pour moi.

Failing that, I'd just use a standard Chevron pattern.
na i don't use half grip for this bat because the shape of the puma grip for bottom hand is slightly thicker
One thing I didn't like about that Puma grip was that the thick part was tooo long that portion of it comes on top hand few fingers.

Hope that made sense
know exactly what you mean wil have to use few more times to see if its comfortable
With shock absorba when I apply it I try to have the thin side on my top hand while not even portion of bottom comes on top hand.
Is it possible to get a Pakistan cricket flag on a grip? Would look awesome.