Cricket shops in London?


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Jun 8, 2008
Assalamu Aleikum :D

Obviously with the new season starting soon (April :fawad) I need a new bat. I have seen a lot of good bats on the internet, but since it is my first time (lol), I think the best thing is to buy it physically instead of over the internet. So are any of you familiar of some good cricket shops in London where I can buy a good cricket bat for a good price? :afridi
I would say visit Uzi Sports in UK as I have had good experience with them. I am not sure about others but he is one with who I have dealt.
Uzi Sports is in Wiltshere.

Best place to check out is probably vks in Ealing Broadway (nearest tube station). There's also Morrant in South Woodford.
The shop at Lord's has lots of gear from all brands. Harrod's have a reasonable selection to in their sports department.
Harrods only put out cricket gear when the season starts, and last time I was there it was only adidas and Puma.
Lillywhite's used to be good yes, but since being bought out by Sports Direct it's chav clothing and cheap cricket bats.
Lillywhite's used to be good yes, but since being bought out by Sports Direct it's chav clothing and cheap cricket bats.

By cheap you mean in price? I was told by someone who have bought bats from Sports Direct and they say that since they are cheap bats they are planks.
Salaam to all.

So il be in London in a few weeks time, insha Allah.

We are planning to visit both The Lords Cricket Ground Shop & The Brit Oval Cricket Ground Shop as we will most likely spend almost a day for cricket equipment shopping.

Are there any other genuine sport/preferably cricket shops in London?
Also, are there any shops in Southall/Green Street?

Happy if someone living in London could help me on this one :)
Jazak Allah
What about Sports Direct? Aren't they in London?

Its not that useful when it comes to cricket.

Only Bats you can find there are Slazenger for kids.

Anyway, United Sports in Ilford/Gants hill is pretty good. Buy my stuff from there. They have everything related to cricket.
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Sportsdirect is that massive istore where they have a lot of bargains and everything is supercheap, right? Often two stories with Football upstairs. And also, there is hardly any place to move?

Where is Ilford/Gants? How far away from Southall/City centre?
I wan't to know if there are any istores which are worth investing a few hours there including travel time etc, as we will be in London for 3-4 days only.

Edit: Found their website, might just take a trip :)
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Not all Stores are massive(of Sports direct).

But when it comes to Cricket its useless. You can find it all over London though.

Ilford/Gants hill is about 45 minutes from Central London.

Go on google maps and find the exact time.:p
ouch, 45 minutes? :( was thinking of taking the tube.
is it worth going there? I mean we are mostly looking for cricket bags, gloves, shoes etc. maybe a couple of bats.

however, can we find the same istuff in southall/green street?
Probably not, most likely not infact. Not many cricket shops here,most buy online.:(

45 minutes on car by the way.
Here means London.

And close to Green Street, been there many times,not seen any major cricket shops there though.

Btw, Green Street is just a street.:)
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Hm... Can you come to the desi stores in Southall thread? =P Or my intro thread, lol. I have some questions :ibutt
I guess I can just Google everything =P Will send a PM to you via mods if I have any ispecific questions regarding London, ok? :D
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Salaam & Bump!

Anyone been to Fordham iSports? :D
Also, are there any cricket shops in Southall? :)
Already done that bro, but I wanted to get some inside information :ibutt
Since I am just coming to London for a few days then I can only visit a few selected istores :afridi