Dale Steyn’s Top Ten Fast Bowling Tips


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Jun 1, 2001
A big thank you to Dale's coach at the Cape Cobras, Richard Pybus for sending this into PakPassion.

What can one say about Steyn that has not already been said. Sometimes the stats don't always tell the truth, but 255 wickets in only 49 test matches do not flatter him.

A strike rate of under 23 and already 4 matches where he has taken 10 wickets in the match, Steyn just seems to get better and better.

Pace, pinpoint accuracy and aggression, provide the opposition batsmen with no respite and Steyn when in full flow is a joy to watch.

Steyn is currently nearly 100 points ahead of his nearest challenger James Anderson in the ICC Test Bowling Rankings.

Here are Dale's Top Ten Fast Bowling Tips

1. Become a Learner: The answers to becoming a better fast bowler come from within, pay attention to what you are getting from your training and match performances. Set goals for yourself. Know what you want from training and focus on achieving it, this carries over into matches and will improve performance accordingly.

2. Cricket Equipment. Make sure you have the right shoes, rather spend more on getting the right footwear and have happy feet than cheap shoes and sore feet.

3. Cricket Practice: Make make sure the quality of your practice is specific and focused. Rather do it properly than not at all.

4. Building Good Habits: Surround yourself with people who will have a positive influence on you. Good habits are learnt, so be around those people who will help you grow and focus on the right things, on and off the pitch.

5. Positive Intent: Focus on bowling quick, the line and length will come later. You can learn to bowl line and length, but you need to focus on bowling quick to train your mind and body to act and think quickly. Make a mental note of when you are bowling well and then focus on remembering the feel of what you are doing and how you can repeat it.

6. Cricket Fitness: It's important to focus on the strength and conditioning aspects of your game, train your body so that it can handle the workloads of fast bowling.

7. Good Days – Bad Days : Don’t be scared of going for runs on a bad day, you’ll have good days when it all comes together. Those days will make up for the bad days, seeing the stumps flying out the ground and fear in the batters eyes.

8. Simplicity: Keep it simple and don’t over complicate it. Make sure you understand your bowling action … have your check points that you can run through.

Check to make sure that your grip, run up, action and follow through are all working well.

9.Cricket Mentor. Find someone who can help you, someone that you can trust and who can remind you to focus on the things that work for you.

10. Have fun. Enjoy your team mates, playing the game you love.

+1. Positive Focus: When you’re going through a bad spell of form, put your energy into the team rather than obsessing on what isn’t working for you. It helps you to get out of your own head. When you put energy into your team mates your own game invariably comes right.
^ I love #5. Positive Intent: Bowl quick and line & length will become later on!

Amazing tips from an amazing bowler
If only asif n amir adhered to rule no 4!
Great tips! Can be applied in other sports as well. Particularly I like first five and 8.
only if our youngsters follow tip no.5!!lol
Anyway amazing stuff from amazing bowler...
interesting, bowl quick line and legnth will come later on.........