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Aug 4, 2008
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Being in the business that I am in (debt counselling - not main line of business initially but is getting there rapidly!!!!) I would like to ask a question to members outside of South Africa.

In SA, debt collectors are not legally entitled to repossess your goods. They are fully aware of this fact but they also know that the majority of our citizens do not know their rights herein so they take advantage of that. They tell the consumer something like, if you want me to go away (usually at their place of employment or home) then sign this document and we will leave. Problem is what the client is signing is a voluntary surrender of goods!!!

Further, only the sherrif of the court is legally entitled to repossess goods in SA, for that though he has got to have the original summons with him, a copy will not suffice.

Similar problems in your neck of the woods?
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related to the above, very long documentary but some interesting insights

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