Designing a new kit for your own team


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Mar 11, 2013
most international teams nowadays change their teams kits after every series or two.

who makes these kits?
who is allowed to male these kits?
are ordinary people alowed to submit there designes before a series and to whome and how?
what are the basic rules/criteira/guidelines you must follow if you are designing an international cricket kit?

actually i would like to design a kit for pakistan me
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1- The team hires people to design kit
2- I'd imagine desiners as this kit is going to be dilpayed all over the world,and they don't want to be embarrased
3- I guess you could submitt if you had connections with the team and its management
4- You have to ask the team management that as they have sponsors which need to be displayed,only a certain number of symbols can go on the jersey.

It really is a paid job and they would seek graphic/fashion designers when new kit is required.