Do you take multivitamins/supplements?


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Mar 30, 2016
I currently use these supplements:

Vitamin K2 + D3 (try to have it regularly)
Vitamin B-Complex (have it occasionally)
Multivitamins (try to have 1 or 2 per week)

What about you? Do you take any?
I think that after COVID-19, we all need to take multivitamins every day.
Depends really. For strict vegans, they need to take vitamin 12.
For chronically sick and fatigued patients, iron supplements can do wonders.
Zinc has a lot of good effects on health.
Unless you're eating a "proper" well rounded diet and don't have any malabsorption problems, one does need to take supplements for maintaining better health.
Even melatonin is considered a supplement nowadays.
Not on an everyday basis. Doctors prescribe them here to their patients only when they are sick.
I discovered recently that I have a massive vitamin D deficiency which causes all sorts of problems like hairfall and fatigue. Taking supplements now for it.
i got terribly sick in early 2023, really bad flu, throat was like swallowing glass for 5 days, was borderline overdosing on pain killers, seeing blue lights as i tried to sleep, lol.

after recovering from that decided to start supplementing with vitamins, so far its been all good, nothing beyond a minor cold. must be doing something.
I take vitamin D and omega 3...
BUT the best thing I take is curcumin in tablet form... great for inflammation
I take vitamin D and omega 3...
BUT the best thing I take is curcumin in tablet form... great for inflammation

I used to take fish oil with Omega 3. Haven't taken it in a while.

But, I try to take vitamin D at least once or twice per week (included within multivitamins).
I have seen a lot of hype around something called Shilajit. Has anyone tried it?
I have been put on iron vitamins by my GP Have been feeling a bit burned out recently.
Found out I had folate-deficiency and started taking folic acid tablets. I can sense the difference, dont feel fatigued every morning anymore

Occasionally have b12 and vit D,

I take a compound of melatonin and valerian extract every night for sleep. This also improved mental clarity over time
Never in my life have I had any supplements. Never felt like I needed one.