Domestic Teams hesistant to play at Garhi Khuda Baksh Stadium


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Oct 30, 2012
So in the crisis time usually shrewd businessmen doesn't make risky investments but this gentleman went out of the way to built a stadium just to please his master and now because of lack of infrastructure even domestic teams are not willing to play at Garhi KhudaBaksh.but to add to it The PCB officials are planning to make an academy here as well.Really this money should have been spent on a couple of A tours.
The news also reports that players have to travel for 5 hours through bus which is very hectic and a while ago suspicious car also chased a regional team during travel but thanks to the driver KAMAL who ran away the bus to avoid the trouble and now there are guards with the team buses..............


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The pitch in that stadium is not upto the standard as well. Very poor pitch. Board officials should look into this matter asap. It is the players who are suffering. They should be provided with the best of facilities.
What a waste of money. Zaka ashraf couldve spent that money in Hyderabad or abbottabad. Shame