Inability of Pakistan's domestic and international batters to play well against modern death bowling


Test Captain
Feb 16, 2006
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Personally my biggest concern is the fact that our players especially the batsmen coming in our system in our domestic cricket, the PSL and even established players in the national team have not developed modern T20 skills ie ramp shot, helicopter shots, reverse sweeps, reverse flicks, intelligently walking down at the last second to convert a yorker into a full toss, making enough room at the last minute to play a yorker towards third man. I mean these are modern T20 batting skills which we see in the IPL, Big Bash, SAT20 but you never seen this enough in the PSL.

You will see limited Pakistani batsmen do the same thing again and again ie cross batted slog on the leg side or waiting for a ball in the slot to free their arms as if someone like Bhumrah will give it to them on a platter but you won't see a single batsman play a surprise shot out of the box. This is why our limited overs T20 & ODI team has fallen so far behind the major teams in the world but what is the PCB doing to address this problem on a long term basis, this has to be addressed at our domestic, academy level.
Its all about the intent.... there is no lack of ability because these same players can be seen thrashing all over the park in leagues but when they play for Pakistan they are usually get more concerned about their statistics rather than winning the game.