Eng v SA - T20 - Live - Manchester


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Jan 29, 2005
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Salam All,

To top it off this side of the waters, yours truly is sat in the new Press Box at Old Trafford, right behind the bowlers arm.

England win the toss and decide to bowl.

Good bowling conditions with overcast conditions. Good 'wobbling weather' as I would say.

Bopara omitted from England playing XI for Sussex's Luke Wright - a well travelled T20 star.

For SA, Amla and Morne Morkle replaced Tsotsobe and FAF respectively.
The fireworks greeting the match officials and teams make Rob Bailey jump...

Pretty much like the imperious West Indian quicks when he faced them!
As Finn stands ready to bowl, the umpires decide to take them off......

Meanwhile enjoy the comms from Dubai.

Pakistan claw their way back in the game and restrict Aussies to 168/7, conceeding less than 60 in the second half of their bowling.

'Haji' leading the way with a polished 2-19 in 4, with Arafat and Gul claiming 2-30.

Australia disappointed not to have reached 200 from their blistering start off the blocks.
Out come the groundstaff...covers being peeled away
I doubt we'll get a completed game.

There's a reason why Old Trafford is so unfancied as an international venue these days. Since more grounds have been built and become viable, there's just no longer any point in sending the players to the North-West so they can sit in the dressing room and watch the rain.
Doesnt look like long for play to start.

Meanwhile, Pakistans top order capitulating against Starc and Cummins.....15/3.

Malik gets bowled through the gate......
Raining again and covers going back on.

England bowlers resort to the warmth again
Covers being rolled back....again.

Rain ceased....

Very dark overhead.
So it has finally started and England are doing fairly well. Due to rain it has been reduced to 9 overs per side with a max of 2 overs per bowler and so far the Saffers are 37/3 off 4.2 overs.
50/5 off 7 - Amla on 34 off 23 and Kallis just arrived on 0 off 1. Two overs left and the Saffers really need to press on to make a good total here.
How and why on Earth was Stuart Broad ever made the captain of this or any side, absolutely useless.
Seems like SA might put up a decent total for a 9 over game. Around 80 will be decent if not match winning.
There is the problem with making a bowler the captain, they'll always bowl themselves regardless of how well everybody else bowled. Wright had gone for 4 runs whereas Broad went for 9 yet he bowled himself and got spanked round the park.. Nice one Stuart.
Broad 2 overs for 27 :facepalm: That's around 15 too many, could be the difference.
Ohh god why did we open with Kieswetter? In this situation he always tries to smash the leather off the ball and most of the time misses the ball. We are now on a whopping 2 runs after 1 over..
77 is a good total on this pitch. Amla probably is the difference once again.
The difference will probably be Broad, if a batsman had been captain they probably would have given the ball to Wright instead of Broad. 14-1 off 2.2
Amla batted well as usual, but really the difference was Broad. He bowled utter dross, way too expensive.
Think over the summer its become apparent that if you had to pick the best cricketing team in the world it would have to be South Africa.

Forget about the conditions/country your playing in, the pressure of the game/choking, the format (T20, Tests, ODI)...just purely the best cricketing team in the world today IMO would be South Africa
The South Africans have been very average at times during the summer, the difference between the two teams has been mainly Amla.
The South Africans have been very average at times during the summer, the difference between the two teams has been mainly Amla.

Yup gotta admit there. Amla is a crucial player in the SA batting line up and it would be interesting to see how they cope without him but for now teams around the world have to try figure out a way to deal with Amla :ajmal
And the rain comes down. A real shame as this could have been a great match if England had got all 9 overs to bat with.
Broad gets away with one. Deserved to be on the losing side today.
Amla - the greatest batsman in the world right now?

At the moment? Yes. He is in very good form and nobody can work out how to get him out however it is a cat and mouse game between batsmen and bowlers and eventually someone will work him out.

Broad gets away with one. Deserved to be on the losing side today.

However none of the South African batsmen apart from Amla and Kallis deserved to win either. Can we just say it was a victory for Amla? Haha.