England v Australia | 1st ODI | The Oval | 4/9/09

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Mar 3, 2004
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1st ODI to be played today weather permitting!
What is the weather like?
Decent weather at moment.

England won the toss and will bowl
Paine, Watson, C white, M hussey, M Clarke, Fergurson, Hopes, Lee, MJ, Bracken, Hauritz

Is Aussie line up!
Thanx mate!!!!! Hoping for an english bashin here!!!!
Bopara, Strauss, Prior, Shah, Colly, Wright, Broad, Swann, Rashid, anderson, Sidebottom

Is England line up
Both teams have quite a different look them in terms of personal. Nice to see Rashid playing for england.
Amjid Javed said:
Bopara, Strauss, Prior, Shah, Colly, Wright, Broad, Swann, Rashid, anderson, Sidebottom

Is England line up

The only players who definitely will not bowl are Stauss and Prior.

Lot's of bowling options - But 1-5 are the recognized batters Bopara to Colly , then the rest are allrounders.
Watson out to a ridiculously soft dismissal
*sallu* said:
Watson out to a ridiculously soft dismissal

18.5 Collingwood to Watson, OUT, gone! There's the breakthrough for England, Watson gets a leading edge back to Collingwood as he tries to work through the leg side and it's a dolly of a catch. Clever bowling from Collingwood

SR Watson c & b Collingwood 46 (50b 6x4 0x6) SR: 92.00
Aus 94/2 now... 250+ would be a decentish total here!
24.2 Collingwood to White, 1 run, OUT, short, faster delivery whipped down to fine leg and they come back for two. Swann sends in a very good and fast throw as White comes back for a dangerous second, and he's well short as Prior smashes down the stumps! Terrific fielding from Swann; poor running and calling from Australia

CL White run out 53 (71b 7x4 0x6) SR: 74.64

Australia 117-3 after 27 overs

cricinfo liking Adil Rashid bowling
Australia: 127-3 (29.3 overs)

England getting through the overs quickly and cheaply here...
Terribly terribly boring game to be honest.

An indictment on the current state of the 50 over game.
Ferguson has an average of 50 in OPI cricket with a highest score of 63.

Guess he might get a MSDhoni nomination for best batsman soon.

Nice to see Watson and White get some runs.
Australia probably waiting for spin to finish to tkae the powerplay
Clarke 38(63) - Ferguson 25(44)
167-3 after 39 overs @ 4.28
Last 5 ovs 19/0 RR 3.80
England in control at the moment. Australia on the back foot, waiting for there bowling, that'll be interesting.
50 over cricket v T20

Aus 179/3 after 40 overs ...

SL v NZ - T20:

Look at this one over:

Dilshan to Ryder, 2 runs
Dilshan to Ryder, SIX, what a stroke to bring up his half-century, full toss on middle and leg, bends low and slog sweeps it into the stands behind midwicket
Dilshan to Ryder, FOUR, Ryder gets four more, Ryder lashes that off the front foot towards sweeper cover, a bit of sloppy work from Mendis at the boundary
Dilshan to Taylor, 1 run, Taylor pushes a middle stump ball towards mid-on for an easy single
Dilshan to Ryder, 1 run, wide outside off, Ryder rocks back and slashes that to point
Dilshan to Ryder, SIX, shot! Ryder bends his knee and mows that over wide long-on

I know what I would rather watch
Aus 181/3 after 40.4 overs

Current Partnership 70 runs in 16.2 overs (MJ Clarke 34, CJ Ferguson 36)
Ferguson 69(72) - Hopes 5(3)
Aus 244-5 after 48.1 overs @ 5.06
Last 5 ovs 47/1 RR 9.40 - this had probably 3-4 overs of power play
Ferguson looks a class act.

Good to see Australia blooding some young players, even though I guess they didn't really have a choice. And good to see David Hussey dropped.
4.3 Lee to Strauss, OUT, gone! there's the breakthrough for Australia, Strauss flashes hard outside off and sends a comfortable catch to Cameron White at slip, who bounces it in front of his face. The width was on offer for Strauss and the cut is a strong shot

AJ Strauss c White b Lee 12 (14b 2x4 0x6) SR: 85.71

England 28/1 (5.2 ov) - need 233 more @ 5.21
Lee bowling with fire. About the only reason to watch this drab-fest.

Oh, and Owais Shah batting is always entertainment. Must be the Pakistani blood, makes him reckless.
Bopara has cemented his place for next match. 23 not out now

England require another 209 runs with 9 wickets and 38.1 overs remaining
Easa said:
Lee bowling with fire. About the only reason to watch this drab-fest.

Oh, and Owais Shah batting is always entertainment. Must be the Pakistani blood, makes him reckless.

Wow haven't seen you post here for quite a while.

Pommies seem to be doing well right now. If they keep the number of rash shouts they play down to a minimum, they have a good chance of winning this.
20.1 Hauritz to Prior, OUT, that's gone! Prior goes for the reverse sweep and is well caught a short third man...that was a pretty needless shot in the circumstances, with these two having set a platform, and Prior hangs his head before walking off

MJ Prior c Johnson b Hauritz 28 (47b 2x4 0x6) SR: 59.57

England 83-2 after 20.1 overs - need 178 runs @ 5.96
Bopara 36(63) - solid batting
What a beauty from Hauritz to get Bopara Stumped.

Excellent keeping by Paine as well.

Hauritz to Bopara, OUT, gone, Hauritz gets the breakthrough...a nice piece of bowling as he flights the ball past the outside edge and Bopara drags his foot outside the crease. Bopara knows he's out as Paine whips off the bails and is almost off the ground by the time the third umpire confirms the decision
RS Bopara st †Paine b Hauritz 49 (88b 3x4 0x6) SR: 55.68
Johnson to Shah, OUT, a nurdle off his pads for a single. Or two? Er, no, he's out - he's not just stepped on the stumps, he's trampled on them as though his leg stump was Joe Denly's left knee. Gone! What a calamitous way for him to depart

OA Shah hit wicket b Johnson 40 (48b 4x4 0x6) SR: 83.33
I knew it. Australia only has Bracken or Johnson to get hitwicket wicket. Good selection by ACB
England require another 96 runs with 6 wickets and 11.1 overs remaining @ 8.59

England should take the powerplay soon
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Not the best way to get out for Shah.

That powerplay will now be crucial for them if they want to win this game.
Collingwood gone

Watson takes a good catch flying in the air! Plucked it out!

England gone too with that wicket!

Colly and England could'nt believe that he actually caught it!
England in general need Peitersen and Flintoff, they look very weak without these two.
Eng 176/5 after 41 overs.

Some major big hitting needed here by england.
England do have a powerplay to use which may help.
Da Best said:
Back to back boundaries, for Wright, England might have a chance.
Only if the surprise weapon Adil Rashid starts with a 3 run hit
Luke wright giving england a chance here.
England require another 43 runs with 4 wickets and 24 balls remaining @ 10.75 an over
last over of power play coming
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46.5 Lee to Wright, 1 no ball, OUT, it all happened there! Run out off a no-ball! Wright moved across his stumps to try and flick it through short fine leg, misses the ball and sets off for a bye. Paine hits with his throw and Wright is well out...Wright checks if he is out, the umpire confirms the news. You can be run out off a no-ball, but not stumped

LJ Wright run out 38 (27b 4x4 1x6) SR: 140.74
19 needed from 10 balls...

england getting a few lucky 4s here!
48.5 Lee to Rashid, FOUR, what a shot, what a shot from Rashid, leans back and hammers Rashid through the covers for a cracking boundary...one of the shots of the day and England aren't giving this up

England require another 13 runs with 2 wickets and 6 balls remaining
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