[EXCLUSIVE] "Pakistan didn't show the urgency that there should have been": Julien Fountain

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Aug 12, 2023
Pakistan's World Cup campaign could not have started more poorly, losing to the USA in their opening game of the T20 World Cup.

Fielding was one of the aspects where Pakistan fell short — they missed catching opportunities, conceded overthrows, and lacked anticipation. Who better to discuss this with than Pakistan's former fielding coach, Julien Fountain. Fountain delves into various aspects where he thinks Pakistan fell short. Watch his interview with Saj here:

Pakistan’s Loss to the USA: Analysis and reflections on Pakistan's defeat in the T20 World Cup opener.

Stuart Law as USA’s Head Coach: Insights into Stuart Law's role and impact as the head coach of the USA cricket team.

Potential Interest of Americans in Cricket: Will cricket catch on in the USA?

Impact on Dressing Room Environment: Effect of the shocking loss on the team's morale and dynamics. How does a team regroup from here?

Pakistan's Below-Par Fielding: Pakistan's fielding performance in the match and areas where they are lacking and suggestions for improvements.

On Azam Khan: Where is the best place for him to field?

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I don't thinks its an upset. We will loose to T20/ODI against USA in 2-1 as well. Babar as usual fail in pressure matches. If Rizwan and Fakhar fail this team can't even score 150. Our bowling is way to poor. USA can chase around 170-180 against us.
Pakistan's loss against the USA is a perfect example of why you should not take any team lightly, why you should not drop catches.

Pakistan team is always muddled and confused. When was the last time they were not confused? I guess it was Champions trophy final, even then they were confused in the start but that bumrah No-ball changed the whole mood.
"You got to squeeze out the most from each delivery", that sums it up for me. In a game that even 1 run would have made the difference, all of our mistakes: wides, missfields, dabbing the ball instead of foricing it.. it all count in the end.

And it really looked like we lacked the urgency to make the most of each delivery. We do this time-and-time again
First, we need to understand that what we have now is all we have. I am sure the depth of Pakistan's grassroots level talent is not greater than that of Nepal Cricket. Because if we had talent, then we would have another Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Inzamam ul Haq, Waqar Younis, and Wasim Akram in our current team. Once we understand this, then we will understand that losing against the USA wasn't a surprise.
Again, we lacked urgency with the bat too and left it wayyy too late
Fielding again, we gave away 10-20 runs with dropped catches and overthrows
It's a mind-set issue, we really choke under pressure too much
We have a team of players who like to anchor innings other than Fakhar. All it needed was 1 batter to score 30 plus of 20 balls and game was won but as per usual our batters take the gutless option.
The Siraj over really summed up Pak. The game was on a platter and could have been broken there especially with a free hit in hand.

12-13 runs off that over and even budgeting for a 5 run Boom over it would have left only 13 for Arshdeep to defend.

Ifthikar and Imad messed it up. Im sure if Naseem and Shaheen were at the crease for the full Siraj over there would have been more attempts made for boundary.
The one question that was not asked to Julien Fountain was "Were you successful as Pakistan's fielding coach ? What improvements did you bring to Pakistani players fitness level ?"
The one question that was not asked to Julien Fountain was "Were you successful as Pakistan's fielding coach ? What improvements did you bring to Pakistani players fitness level ?"
He was very good as the fielding coach and improved the fielding of those willing to improve.

He and Steve Rixon were both good appointments.