Front foot problem while facing Legspin.


Jan 11, 2014
First of all, I'm a left hander. I've a problem facing bowlers who bowl legspin with pace. The only way I can play such bowlers is by defending them on back foot. I want to play such bowls on front foot or at least don't have a problem playing straight drives.

The bowls I mostly have problems with are bowled wide (with pace) on my legside, and then they spin to leg side so I have also a problem judging it's spin and length.

Advices and suggestions would be appreciated. :)
You are getting too far across to off stump.hence missing the line of the ball and playing around it.Try to play the ball towards mid on or mid wicket and plant your front foot not too far across the off stump.
Can you elaborate, please? I mean, how can one judge a ball's line and length especially if the bowler is a spinner?