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Feb 10, 2011
got trials for staffs U-15 next Saturday 21st of January. I seriously need help as I don't play with much of technique but I need to impress the selectors with proper shots but I struggle with them. what should I do?
Take Your Friend To Some Park, Trying Knocking For About An Hour Or Two Everyday.. You Shall Get Selected :)
normally I play very unorthodox cricket shots but middle them with ease but when it comes to proper cricket shots I struggle and btw I have a very good defence. I play shots very similar to U.Akmal.
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just practice in the nets, get a friend or someone to bowl at you...I'm not much of a batsman so can't really give you tips on how to perform certain shots, but im sure if you google it there will be plenty of stuff. Good luck
dont be afriad of playing your natural game, just focus on good shot selection, if its there to hit, hit it. the coaches will appreciate your flair, just so long as you only do it on bad balls.

if you play shots similar to umar akmal you shouldnt have a problem :))

good luck and tell us how it goes.
Practice you won't get in without it. Go to the nets bat in different scenarios and try not to get out for the whole net sesssion.
whatever happens just say not guilty and sit down!

oh wait, hang on...good luck! :yk
just bribe the selectors :zardari
:D on a serious note when you are in trials , just play every shot on its merit i-e front foot drives , pull shots , square cuts etc :)
Wait for that bad ball and leave a ball if itz not in your zone shows your awareness
A problem i use to have is that when i bat in the nets am a superstar when it comes to a match i had a severe nervous breakdown and let the pressure get to me, the key is have you thought about what you will do if don't make the team? you have havent you thats the problem dont worry about anything at all its not end of the world if you don't make it there will be more oppourtunities down the line, so the key is don't pressure yourself, practice leading up to the trial and just take away any worries or doubts you have live the moment enjoy your journey, don't think about what your going to do in there just do it and be natural.
Play the shots that you are comfortable with. Dont try to be all innovative and fancy at the trials. Stick to your game
Oh that’s a shame... but you should take comfort from the fact that you were chosen for trials. It means someone has already seen something in you worthy of nurturing.

At your age selectors are not looking for the complete article, they’re looking for talent. Just treat is like any other net session – unless you swing for everything :2gunsfiri
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