Gray Nicolls Ultimate Extraface


Jan 9, 2013
:nasir:moyo:ajmal:kohli:junaid:wasim Hello brothers this is my first post and I hope to get a good discussion going. I recently saw this GN Ultimate bat on another forum. It seems to have a polycoat however it weighs around 2.12 and has an excellent ping and is a six hitter. The owner of the bat uses it in his T20 matches. Wanted to see if it's english or kashmir willow? How many grains do you think it has? What do you think of it?

ultimate 01.jpg

ultimate 02.jpg

ultimate 03.jpg

By the way I own none of the content. tim2000's from custombats forum owns them. I was just curious as most bats with polycoats are bad. Thanks brothers.
Most of these older Gray Nicolls covered bats used to be terrible bats!

This guy must be lucky to get a good one.

Also it might be coz its heavy too. especially for an older style bat.

Pickup must be great on this though.