Have you used Wristband (Power Balance) and any first hand experiences about them?


Dec 27, 2010
The effect of these are debatable (i.e no general consensus that they help) and wanted to see if anyone around here have first hand experience using them?
yeah i have they cost about 40 dollars in Canada but the thing is they are fake they actually don't work u don't get any balance with them at all, but one friend was telling me there is one kind that gives u balance but i don't know about it.
these are a scam!

Players wear them coz they paid to wear them!!

Nothing different from going to Peer Baba who can give you extra "strength" if you pay him!

or that famous Baba's Taveez!
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100% scam!

Only people who like them are sellers of the product. (or people who bought it and now cant accept they have fallen victim to this sham!)

Like in the cricket supplies forum that Nick admin is shamelessly promoting it, then tries to defend his stance once medical research proves they are dodgy.

Here in Australia they have been ordered to refund people's money. The guy who owns the company was some sort of handyman who has become a millionaire by selling these!!
It is a scam in commerece we reasearced scams and this was the teachers example!
It gives you a perception of added strength - science hasn't proven anything though. If you want to try it, you can get it for $15 in Toronto and see for yourself.
Placebo effect.

I hit 24 sixes in one innings with the Powerband, buy one off me on Ebay :asif
might give you confidence in thinking that it works but that is it.
ppl are gullible. how else can someone sell a piece of rubber for $50 claiming it will make u stronger and faster????? Of course in effect it does nothing like that.

This is like a criminal fraud.