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Mar 22, 2013
Now, i'll be 17 this week, and i've got lots to improve on. I used to go to a club, when i was around 11 years, and i was pretty good that time. I used to be the opening bowler, and used to get wickets, and my batting was good enough, with it improving during the latter stages. Then i left the club, and for around 2 years, i played ZERO cricket(literally). Then now again, i'm getting the oppurtunity to play, this time with adults, in the sense, not of my age group. So the bowling's bit faster and batsman are much tougher to get out. It's only in nets so far. And i was bad when i restarted playing, but have improved much, and now i feel i'm not too bad at all.

Now, when i first restarted, i was afraid of the ball very much. I used to take steps to the legside and block it. But now i've got the confidence, and i stand my ground. I've played bowling with speed of around 115-120 kmph without fear, and atleast have the confidence to stand there for a delivery of around 130 kmph, even if i get hit. I've found watching the ball helps a lot.
Now, i'm very thin(VERY), and i use a light bat, so power hitting is tough. While i'm alright on drives and full balls, i'm having trouble facing short bowling. Even for spinners, if the ball is around the good length(which bounces around waist), its causing trouble. If i advance, i won't reach it, and if i wait, i can cut it if its outside off, but if its at my body, i face trouble.
And also the fast bowls which come around my fast at my body. I try to use the pace and cut most balls, but when its at my body, around my hip, i don't have much idea how to play that. And how do i improve my balance? And should i crouch while facing the ball, as i've been told bend down and play, and should i do my backlift before the bowler delivers, or lift it just as its been delivered.(which has been advised to me by a batsman, who's very good, esp technically)

Now bowling, my fluent action has gone, and i've tried changing it again and again recently, trying the Steyn one, but not much success. I also need some pace. What should i do? Should i jump high? And should my front knee be straight and back knee bent? And we usually practise on cement pitches, where the ball doesn't bounce much, so should i ball a good length? And also i've watched videos about swing, and i can get the seam to correct in my house(not full action, just the release), but in the nets i've very rarelly managed to swing it. My coach, back in the day i was the opening bowler, had taught me inswing, although it was a different grip, and i haven't seem it anywhere on the net. But still it used to work and i could swing it inside. Probably got to do with my action back then. I've got to reform my action. This friday i'll hit the nets again.

Help would be appreciated.
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