Hero leaves Warriors United FC!

Canistani Hero

Senior T20I Player
Mar 3, 2012
There's be no secret made out of some recent bad blood between Canistani Hero and the Warriors United FC Board.

The Chairman, Jose Valasaval, in particular, appears to have a growing dislike for the Canadian manager but has chosen against sacking him in order to avoid having to pay a compensation fee of $1.8 million as his contract runs to the end of the season.

Hero, though, reports suggest has had enough and has already decided to severe ties with the club.

According to WarriorsTV, the Board have asked Hero to show up for a meeting at the Dome, tomorrow morning.

An unnamed source told us "It's a just a formality, he's definetly going to leave, they have shut him down on everything, they aren't willing to give a better transfer budget, big name players like Modric were sold without his approval, it's just left a bitter taste in his mouth"

Rumors suggest Hero's agent is already in contact with an unnamed club, believed to Red Army and is discussing contract terms to allow him to take over at The Barracks.

The manager himself though, neither confirmed nor denied these reports. "No comment" is all we could muster out of him at the Warriors' Den

Watch this space.

You been with the club for what 3 games and already throwing the towel in?
Maybe his Missus couldn't find a Harvey Nichols within 50 miles........
You got a better team than Red Army. Why leaving it.
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You got a better team than Red Army. Why leaving it.

Just need a change of scenery. Looking forward to working with a different set of players. Trying to formulate a different combination for next season.

Ibad, if it's okay with you, I'd like to confirm my resignation from WUFC and I apply for the Red Army post.
i have already asked someone else to fill Red Army's seat. If he rejects then i will contact you.
Okay, meanwhile, I will continue as Warriors United FC manager, as the Board meeting is not until tomorrow morning ;-)

Whilst both Hero and WUFC have yet to confirm the manager's official departure. He was seen outside Red Army's stadium yesterday, which makes it appear as if, he's only hours away from joining the club.

Canistani Hero has confirmed he has left WUFC. "Yep, it's confirmed, we had an intense discussion and finally agreed it was better to go our own ways, simply because we don't agree on how the club should move forward."

"I don't know what's next for me, there has been contact with a couple of other clubs, Id be happier working in a different system with a new bunch of players, if nothing works out, I can comeback next season."