How comfortable are you playing our maiden overs as a batsman?


Test Debutant
Nov 28, 2008
I am sure it has happened to all us "serious" cricketers who sometimes have to bat to protect wicket and provide stability, runs dont matter.

How comfortable do you feel under such situations where bowler is coming hard at you trying to get you out and all you have to do is survive and play out a few overs? A lot of people I have noticed, seem to fall under the pressure and cannot simply play out maiden overs and end up throwing their wicket in search for a quick run to release the pressure.

I have to admit I am one of them. How do you handle such pressure? What do you keep telling yourself when you decide a few maidens won't hurt the team's cause. What is your approach? I am just curious to see what some of you have to say!
If i am trying to play out time,
I pick a crack in the pitch, or a mark on it and decide to leave everything outside it and play at everything inside it, when i play at it its either a block or a push into a gap or to the fielder not forceful shots.
Play with really soft hand.
The hardest part is not flashing outside your off stump, when you set a mark/area on the pitch it becomes a lot easier.
I just try keep my mind clear.
Have become sort of an expert in this situation.