How much shipping time .


Jun 12, 2011
How much tim will shipping take ,
I want to order pads frm morrant
It says it will use royal mail international
Ps. Im in dehli.
From India? Hmm are they reliable people?

Also is the price on that website same as the one on Morrant's website?
He is in Delhi which is why I suggested it.

Playgroundonline are the Indian Amazon:)
I dont like pgo's Equipment too much , only a few items.
But they are undoubtedley one of the safest and easiest to deal with (in india )
I was asking abt morrant , as they have a way better selection.
If the shipping time is more than 4 weeks i will be dissapointed and stick to pgo but if 4-5 id definatley wait for amazing softs.
And how much time will it take yaar.